The Great Big Body Book by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith

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My kids are 4 and 9, but they are both at the ages where it's time to start learning about their bodies (in different ways). My daughter is recently learning about the changes her body is about to go through during puberty, and my son is learning about bodies and how different people are in general. He already knows all his main body parts and has for a while, but now that he's a little bit older and can understand more things, we're ready to teach him a little bit more. 

The Great Big Body Book is a wonderful and easy way to teach your children about their bodies as well as the bodies of others. 

Each and every page is fully illustrated and laid out in way that is fun to read. The book starts with your general knowledge of body parts, internal organs, and bones, but also delves into things your body can do, how people are different on the outside (but still the same on the inside), and one thing that this book talks a little about that I have not seen in others, is the subject of death. What happens to our bodies when we've reached the end. 

I really enjoyed going through this book with both of my kids and even used it as an opportunity to open communication about anything they wanted to discuss on the subject. I also quizzed them a little big about some things by asking them various questions formed from the reading. I think this is a great book in general, but it is an amazing learning tool for homeschool momma's as well as teachers for in their classroom. It's very easy to form worksheets and projects from this book to further the learning and there's even a useful words section in the back of the book if you would like to use these in a vocabulary until to tie everything together. 

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