Momma's Little Helper: Day Planners for the Busy Mom

I'm a busy mom, you're a busy mom, we are all busy moms. How in the world do we keep track of all those doctor's appointments, soccer games, playdates, meal plans, when bills are due, birthday parties, office meetings, and school fundraisers?! I use to keep a log of these things in my head, and that worked for a while, but then as my kids got older and started doing more things, I realized that wasn't going to cut it. Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger myself and my memory is definitely not what it use to be. Lately I find myself forgetting what we had for dinner two nights ago or forgetting to call my attorney back! It's time to admit I need a more organized way to remind myself of these things because I know I can't count on my mommy brain.

I've used planners before, mostly when I was still in school and needed to keep track of classwork and projects, but I think out of all the planners I've ever used or looked through, Momma's Little Helper Planners are the most helpful and organized.

I did a post on Momma's Little Helper Planners before, but they have since went above and beyond and updated their planners a little bit. 

Momma's Little Helper Day Planners come in two attractive designs; Damask and Floral.

Both planners contain the same useful information and features including an info section at the front with info like:

*Classmate Contacts 
*Important Passowords
*Emergency Contact Info
*Important Phone Numbers 
*Family Medical Info
*Important Dates
*A Meal List for Picky Eaters
*Pet Safety
Are Your Leftovers Safe?
*Safety Guide to Packed Lunches
*To Chill or Not to Chill
*Measurement Conversaions
*Healthy Substitutes

and littered through out the book are tips and tricks at the tops of the pages like how to remove red wine stains, Mini-Marshmallow Ouchie Pads, how to keep your Popsicles from being a drippy mess, and much, much more. 

Each book also includes notes pages, monthly activity planners, and pockets on both inside covers. 

They made a small, but incredible change to the Damask planner, and that is the addition of larger, vertical day layouts on the weekly calender pages. This is immensely helpful because you can now add more in what use to be a pretty tiny box. I don't know about anyone else, but trying to write really small and fit everything into a tiny box, gives me hand cramps and with school and work, the weekdays are the most filled days in my planner. 

The Floral pattern follows the standard horizontal weekly layout, but they added a little more color to it by adding flowers all over each page and through the entire book. This is great if you are one of those people that like a lot of color and make your planners look a little more like scrapbooks. 

It's pretty hard to choose which planner I like better, because I love them both, so I've actually been using both! One in my purse for every day things and one in my work area for blog and work things. This is a great way for me to keep track of kids appointments, my appointments, our conventions and photoshoots, family gatherings, and even my blog posts! I can keep track of deliveries, when posts are due or go live, and even business contacts. 

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