Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs

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Fragrant Jewels has been around for quite some time now and up until recently, I thought they only sold candles with rings in them. It turns out, they have branched out a bit and ventured into fragrance beads and bath bombs. I've tried their candles before and loved them (read about that HERE). I'd like to admit something...

I've never tried a bath bomb.

I know, I know, how can I be a busy mom stretched too thin and never have tried a bath bomb?
So I figured, I would give the Fragrant Jewels bath bombs a try.

They have quite a few scents to choose from and they all have a ring in them. It's a lot harder to choose a scent than you think because they all sound amazing. I decided on the Tranquility bath bomb because it's a relaxing lavender fragrance and with all the stress I've been under lately, I thought if I needed any of these, this one would be it. 

It came wrapped in a very pretty purple foil wrapper with the Fragrant Jewels logo sticker on it and I could smell it as soon as I opened the box. Because of this, you could probably just throw a few in a small basket and use them as decoration and slight fragrance in a bathroom or guest bedroom. 

So I waited excitedly all day and night until my two minions were in bed sleeping, poured myself a glass of grapefruit wine, and set off to try out my bath bomb. These bath bombs are pretty big and once you drop it in the water, it starts to fizz and dissolve pretty quickly. Mine was completely dissolved within 5 minutes releasing not only a relaxing fragrance, but it also turned my bathwater a very pretty purple! The bath bombs are non reusable, meaning, once you throw one in the water, you can't take it out after a little bit, wrap it up, and save the rest for later. Once it's wet, it's going to keep dissolving. So these, of course, are one time use. 

Once your bath bomb is finished dissolving, a clear plastic ball will pop to the surface of your water with your ring and value code inside. Mine in the picture wasn't completely dissolved yet, but that's because I wanted to pull it out and get a glimpse of how it was coming along. I was able to pull the container out at that point and toss the rest of the bath bomb back into the water to finish dissolving. I had a tiny bit of a problem getting it open with a wet hand, but if you squeeze the side, you can get it to pop open. 

Once you get your ring out, you can go to the site on the little slip inside and find out how much your ring is worth. Sadly, mine was only worth $10, but to be quite honest, the ring wasn't the most exciting thing for me. I just highly enjoyed the fizziness of the dissolving bath bomb, the relaxing and wonderful scent, and the pretty purple water. Even if these didn't have rings in them, they would still be well worth the $14 for each one just for the relaxing qualities and the experience. 

I mean, my ring is still very pretty for a cheap ring. 

And look at the pretty purple water!

Your water color will depend on what bath bomb you get, like blue, pink, orange, or yellow. 

After my bath, the color didn't stain my skin or my bathtub and I swear my skin felt softer. I slept so much better that night too. I am going to stock up on a bunch of these for my spa nights as well as throwing a few of them in gift baskets for all my girls. 

You can see all the different scents they offer at


  1. I love the purple water! I had no idea there were bath bombs that had jewels inside, either. How neat!

  2. I'm addicted to this product.


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