6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Avoid Germs

It's that time of year again when your kids are going to be picking up germs and bringing them home, essentially getting everyone in the household sick. No one has time to get sick anymore so you want to try your best to keep everyone healthy and avoid those yucky germs. 

Dr. Maria M. Mantione of St. John's University has written a list of 6 ways you and your family can stay healthy and keep germs at bay.

Be Prepared
A sore, scratchy throat is often the first sign of a cold coming on. Be sure to have Chloraseptic spray and lozenges on hand to help as soon as it starts, they provide almost instant relief. 

Stay on Schedule
During summer break, many families loosen their schedules - bedtimes are later, meals aren't as planned. To stay healthy when you go back to school, get back on schedule! A good night's sleep and a well-balanced diet is your best defense against germs that can make you sick.

Get Immunized!
Getting you flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu! Remember that the flu and common cold are different - the flu shot does not prevent common colds. Wat to know if the flu is going around in your area? Visit www.chloraseptic.com/flu-tracker to find out!

Wash Your Hands Often
And do your best not to touch your face! Germs are commonly spread from surfaces to your hands, and can make you sick when you touch your  nose, eyes, or put your hands in your mouth. Break those habits!

Relax. Rest. Repeat.
If you are sick, stay home and get plenty of rest. If you encounter sick people at work or school, stay away and clean shared items before using them. Computer keyboards and telephones are common culprits for spreading germs!

Stock Up
Stock your medicine cabinet so you are prepared in case you do get sick. No one likes to shop when they don't feel well. Keep pain and fever relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen on hand, as well as pseudoephedrine for stuffy noses, and Chloraseptic spray and lozenges for sore throats. 

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