God Bless America: A Patriotic Coloring Book

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I think I've kind of become obsessed with coloring books. Strike that, I think I've always been obsessed with coloring books. Always. Even at age 20 I was going to the dollar store and stocking up on coloring books and crayons to have handy for after work while I ate my dinner and watched a movie. 

These adult coloring books are always filled with amazing art from many different artists as well as addition features that will be interesting to the target age range for these. 
God Bless America is a lovely book that will not only relax you and pass time, but you can celebrate your patriotic holidays coloring away and learning more about America and it's history.

All of the pages have sayings on them that are a piece of Americana as well as varying degree of detailed pictures to color. There are many pictures, like the ones above, that are simple and more suited for a quick session, while others, like the Liberty Bell featured below, are more detailed and better suited for longer coloring sessions of multiple sittings. 

In addition to the lovely photos, the back of each page features the full speech or saying, where it originated, and a little information either about American history in general or specifically the saying or speech featured in the photo. Each page also gives credit to the incredibly talented artists that worked on and submitted that particular page to the publication. 

It's a beautifully bound softcover book with 80 pages. All photos are one sided with the Americana facts and credits on the back of each photo. Pages are thick and smooth, so you can use a variety of mediums on these such as markers, watercolor, pencil, or gel pens. Each page is also perforated so they can be removed from the book and gifted or framed and hung up once finished. Obviously if you are going to be using watercolor, you are going to want to remove the page anyways, but the perforated pages makes this easier and cleaner. 

Another thing I loved about this book, as if there was anything I *didn't* love about it, is that on the very last page, it gives you a link to a "Coloring America" playlist you can find on Spotify (a free music service) that you can listen to while you color! 
It also mentions that if you visit ColoringAmerica.net, there is a history quiz on all the facts that are through the book, which is fun for all history buffs as well as a great learning tool for children, making this book perfect for any age! 

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