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Just a few of the many Ultimate Ending books

Do you remember those fun Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid? You could read them over and over again and engage in a different story each time you read it based on which paths you chose to take. It was like playing a game while reading. The best of both worlds, right? Well Ultimate Ending books are like the classic choose your own adventure books, but with so much more!

The Secret of the Aurora Hotel has been my favorite so far!

Each book goes beyond just asking you to choose to go one way or another during the story. For these you may need a pencil and paper to jot down notes and codes, dice to roll, and even a coin to flip all to help you decide which path to take. You can find books on forgotten and forbidden treasures, haunted places, science fiction, and many more. 

There are illustrations and lots of fun puzzles through out the books all leading to the "Ultimate Ending" which lands you a code to unlock more special features of the story on website as trophies. You can use the website to keep track of all the adventures you've read as well. 

These books are fun not only for kids and young adults, but I'm 31 and I actually enjoyed them, myself and are great for anyone who enjoys mystery, adventure, and puzzles galore. The stories are rich and engaging and the puzzles are clever and fun and the endings are exciting. Ultimate Ending books take the classic choose your own adventure stories to the next level and beyond with a story that will take you on a new and different adventure every time you read it. 

Find the entire list of current Ultimate Ending titles at www.ultimateendingbooks.com

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