CozyPhones: Comfortable Fleece Headphones for Kids and Adults!

CozyPhones are fun, soft fleece headphones for kids that are made to look like adorable animals. 
These headphones fit just like those headbands you wear in the winter that cover your ears. The headphones themselves are tucked inside and are completely adjustable. You can even remove the headphones so that the fleece headband can be washed. The absolute best thing about these is that the headphones are really soft and you can lay down with them and not hurt your ears like you would with ear buds or other full ear headphones. 

My son really loves them! It not only fit his head, but I was actually able to put them on my own head! Of course, I have a small head, but this just goes to show that they have enough stretch to fit a child of any age. 

The cord comes out the back of the headband which is much more comfortable than having it in the front, especially if you lay down and fall asleep with them on. The cord is also well made and thick. there is a small part of it that your child may be able to pull and break, but you could probably reinforce that with some yarn wrapped and tied around it. The reason this part of the cord isn't reinforced like the rest of it is because of them being adjustable. I think as long as your child isn't pulling on them, they should be fine. They are a little warm to wear in the summer, but even if your child sweats, the headphones are protected and the band can be thrown in the washer. As a matter of fact, if you are worried about them being too warm to wear, you can remove the headphone pads and stick the band in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to cool it. As I think about it, this may be a great solution to headaches as well! 

I have looked into these kinds of headphones for myself in the past because I have ASMR (you can read more about that here) and I like the idea of being able to lay comfortably in bed and listen to something using headphones. Other brands are much, much more expensive and only come in adult sizes with limited colors. That's why I love that i've discovered CozyPhones! They have these in not only children's sizes, but in adult sizes as well and offer many colors in both sizes. The price is excellent as well!

Admittedly, now that I know the children's sizes fit me, I'm going to order myself the adorable panda bear ones. 

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