Churro, Churro, Churro!

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As I keep trying these different Crazy Cups flavors, it's getting harder and harder for me to find just one flavor I love more than the rest. I haven't met a flavor I didn't like, and to be honest, I don't think I ever will. 

The newest flavor I'm drinking is called Cinnamon Churro, and oh my goodness...

If you don't know what a churro is, they are basically donut sticks served in Spain. They are fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar and taste A-May-Zing dipped in caramel, chocolate, or vanilla icing. Typically they are eaten for breakfast, but are also popular as a snack. So imagine a calorie free version of this that you can have each morning? Boom! Crazy Cups Coffee did that exact thing. 

The aroma....ohhhh the aroma... pure heaven as it's brewing. The taste? Sweet baby bunnies, it tastes exactly like a cinnamon churro and at zero calories every sweet sip makes you want to cry tears of joy. 

So what do you have with your cinnamon churro coffee? Churros, of course! 
I decided to make homemade churros for the very first time this weekend and followed a recipe I found by searching Pinterest (isn't that where we always find the best recipes?). 

You can find the ingredients and instructions for the exact same ones I made by visiting Everyday Dishes. These ones are baked, not fired, for a healthier option and they are so very easy to make.

Mine do not look nearly as great as the ones on Everyday Dishes, but man-oh-man they taste so good my kiddos housed an entire batch of them within the time it took me to clean up the kitchen and get these photos. 

The best part is dipping the homemade churros into the coffee and getting a little extra cinnamon in your cup. Mmmm yummy! 

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