#BehindTheBlogger: Remember When...?

I'm an 80's baby. A child of the 90's. So my generation tends to play the "Remember when...?" game quite often. How do you play the game? Oh, it's easy. You basically just sit around and try to remember significant things from your youth. Some things you forgot all about, other's you'll never forget.

This writing prompt actually came at a great great time. As I'm writing this, I'm reliving my youth by drinking a cold can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler. The original was popular among my generation and with the Ghostbusters remake to hit theaters very soon, they re-released it in limited markets, albeit without Slimer on the packaging due to copywrite issues, but others say it tastes exactly the same. As for me? I don't remember it tasting like the new stuff does, but heck, it's been 20 years since I've drank it that my taste buds may have just forgot over the years. 

So in honor of this tasty throwback, let's play a little game of "Remember when...?"

Remember when you had to get on your bike and ride, or walk, to your friend's house down the street to find out if they were home and could come out and play? Remember when they weren't home or were grounded and you had to ride back home? Now a "playdate" is only a text away. 

Remember when we set up our own playdates? No parents set up our playdates for us. We went out and made friends on our own. We went out looking for kids on our street and just joined in the fun. 

Remember when kid's shows actually taught us something? I'm not talking about general education stuff like ABC's and 1, 2, 3's, although we had those, too. I'm talking about morals. Our shows taught us what happened when someone we knew got into drugs (Remember Jessie Spano, anyone?) or how dangerous it is to play hide and seek in refrigerators (What a frightening and powerful episode of Punky Brewster that was!).

Remember when kid's books had pictures that made you lose nights of sleep? 
The pictures in the Scary Stories trilogy were scary enough on their own, but those stories? *Shudders*
I still have all three of these in pristine condition as a matter of fact! 
After reading these, I would make a mad dash up or down the stairs in my home if it was dark and would jump from my doorway to my bed and bed to doorway for fear something would reach out and grab me from the shadows. This probably contributed to many children that are now adults who are still afraid of the dark. 

Remember when we had to work to play a game. I mean, blow in the cartridge, insert into system, turn on and off continuously, pull it out, blow in system, start the entire process over again and again and again until it finally worked. Remember when there were no saves in a game? You played that sucker straight through or left that tv on for days/weeks until that game was beat. Remember when you only had one life? We didn't "respawn". It was much like real life. Once you fell into that lava, you were dead. Remember when Mario could swim in some worlds and levels, but once he fell into water in any other level, he was dead? Screw logic, nothing made sense in the 80's and 90's. 

Remember when MTV actually played music? Oh that's a big one! Do you realize most kids in their early 20's probably don't even know what MTV use to stand for. What does it even stand for now? I don't think anyone knows.

Remember when the best days you ever had consisted of a gigantic parachute, yellow scooters, the Book Fair, Oregon Trail, and a TV cart with a VCR? 

Remember when logging onto the internet sounded like nails on a chalkboard, you couldn't connect if someone was using the phone, and to chat with people from school you exchanged your thoroughly memorized ICQ number? 

Remember when a game of MASH meant the difference between marrying your crush (Johnathan Taylor Thomas, of course), living in a mansion while driving a Mercedes, and marrying the weirdo who picked his nose in physics, living in cramped one bedroom apartment while driving a beater car. 

Remember when life was just full of simple pleasures like these?
Pepperidge Farm remembers...

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  1. I think I miss MTV the most. It's just junk now. And I miss when school wasn't a constant stream of awards. Loved this post.

  2. I LOVED Saved By The Bell and you're right back when shows were descent and actually taught morals and things unlike today's shows. I loved New Kids on the block too...ah the awesome memories of back when things was good and descent shows on tv really existed! Great post!


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