#BehindTheBlogger: My Inner Nerd

Nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicating a person that is overly intellectual, obsessive, or lacking social skills. 

I beg to differ on the "lacking social skills" part of that definition. Go to any convention and it can bring people who are usually shy and thought to have "poor social skills" out and make them become the most social people you've ever met. I think that us nerds seem this way because we are more intellectual than others and tend to make others think us throwing facts is a lack of social skills. We can socialize perfectly fine, we just choose not to socialize with people who don't quite "get" us. Bring a group of us together and we will talk up our fandoms and current events until the sun comes up the next day. 

Look, anyone who follows me knows my nerd is far from "inner". I don't hide it. I'm a full blown nerdy momma and proud! I go to at least 5 nerd conventions a year. I meet other nerds. I dine with other nerds. I'm a book nerd, a comic nerd, a Star Wars nerd, a Doctor Who nerd, a Disney nerd, and I love weird things. I even dress up in costumes for these nerd conventions, and while I have been called a freak for my love of all these things and for dressing up, I don't care. I have fun. 

Nerds and Geeks are this country's C.E.O's. They are entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists. Since nerds put such passion into everything, they are great at anything they do. They make great friends, great significant others, and with the growing popularity of comic books and all things nerdy, I think it's safe to say that the nerds rule the world. 

We are outgoing, outspoken, and not at all afraid to have fun. 

I am a nerd.
I cried when I heard the opening to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the theater on opening weekend.
I cry over fictional book and movie character's deaths and hardships. 
I squeal, jump up and down, and scream for joy over my favorite fandoms. 
I get excited to meet the celebrities that play my favorite characters. 
I debate story lines with my friends.
I watch cartoons.
My home is filled with Pop Vinyl figures, Action Figures, posters, and an entire closet stacked to the roof with comic books. 
I get excited when a new Previews catalog comes out so I can look through it for new comics to read and place my order for my favorites. 
Free Comic Book Day is like Christmas.

Go ahead, call me a nerd. 
It's the best compliment I could ever be given. 

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  1. I got weepy when my boys fought the Seventh Sister and Darth Vader at Disney World. Dreams lived. I feel you!


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