Elementary Box: April 2016

Teachers do a lot for our children and often aren't thanked enough for the work they do. That's why I love Elementary Box. It's a monthly subscription box for for teachers that is curated to the grade they teach (or your child's grade if you are gifting it) and filled with things they can use in the classroom as well as a special teacher gift just for them. But you know, you don't have to be a teacher to love this box. I'm a parent who works with both of my children at home and I love this box. I wouldn't say we home school, because my daughter still goes to public school currently (although we are strongly leaning towards homeschooling her), but I teach my 3 year old and I work with both of my kids during the summer for an hour or two as well. I like having the materials shipped to me for me to use during those lessons. 

We received April's Pre-K box (see an example of a Grade 2 box we received) and my son loved it!

In this month's Pre-K box, they sent two packages of stickers. Who doesn't love stickers?! Not only do both of my kids and myself (no shame) have sticker books, but I like to use these sticker packages for rewards. We are still currently trying to potty train my (stubborn) son, and have used them as a potty reward as well as good behavior awards for both kids. Teachers are always using stickers so this is something that will really be appreciated by elementary school teachers. 

The teacher gift this month is this Rose Water Spray by Lotus Naturals. I've never been a fan of the scent of rose water, however, this spray is really great as a facial toner! And it's made of natural ingredients so that's a huge plus. 

My son was most excited about the Power Pen and book from Teacher Created Resources. The pen is used with the book and can be used with many other books in this series for each grade level, so it grows with your child. The pen has a soft, rubber grip on it to teach your child how to properly hold a writing utensil. My son is still working on how to hold it, and he eventually got it after I took this photo. 

You press the pen to the answers in the book and when you get it wrong, it lights up red and green when you get the answer right. It will cheer you on or tell you to try again depending on how you answer. We did discover that you have to tap the block spot on the page just right or it will tell you that you got it wrong even if it's right. You can check out a short video of my son using the pen and book below.

You can get Elementary Box for $29 a month with free shipping and reduced prepay plans are also available. They are currently running a sales promo! 
Pay Only $27/Month for the life of your subscription using Coupon Code SPRING16. Valid on Month-to-Month Plans, not valid for already reduced Prepay Plans. 

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