Better Skin With Formula 10.0.6

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I've tried many skin care products on the market, some expensive ones as well as cheaper options. I've discovered some that worked well, and some that were just duds. I've found that a lot, no matter the price, will actually cause break outs and then you have a a whole new list of problems. Some skin care products made for under eye circles actually even make them worse or can make you break out around your eyes. Through all of this, I still try to keep my skin care routine pretty strict. I may only be 31, but I've been taking care of my skin since I was 19. It's never too early to start and your skin starts to show signs of aging pretty quickly. Especially if you tan, smoke, are stressed out (who isn't?!), and just don't drink enough water.

I discovered a new brand of skin care products recently called Formula 10.0.6 and I think I finally, after all these years, found a winner! Not only do they work wonders, but all of the products smell amazing! And the packaging is colorful and cute as well!

Start your routine off with a clean, fresh face by wiping all the gunky makeup off with the Keep Me Clean clarifying facial wipes (You can also get Wipe Your Face Off  makeup remover wipes) and follow that with the Best Face Forward  daily foaming cleanser. I use the cleanser with my Soniclear to not only get my skin clean, but to tackle any dead skin.

After your face is clean of any dead skin, makeup, dirt, and oil, then you can apply your facial mask and they have LOTS to choose from! I love them all, to be honest, but my favorite is the Get Your Glow skin brightening peel mask. Peel masks are just fun and remind me of when I was younger and we would let glue dry on our hands and peel it off. I'm even mastered the art of peeling the entire mask off in one shot! It goes on gooey and makes your face look like you got licked by an alien, but it smells amazing and my skin rocks after I use it! I use the Pores Be Pure skin clarifying mud mask at least 3 days a week. I use Deep Down Detox mud mask on Sundays. I'm saving the Keep Your Cool skin calming gel mask for summer when my skin may be irritated from sunburn or whatnot. Of course, one thing that's important for skin care is to remember to apply (and reapply as necessary) sunscreen, but sometimes even sunscreen doesn't prevent a little redness and irritation from exposure. The Three Times Sublime 3-in-1 mask is amazing! No, seriously. It's a wash, scrub, and mask all in one and is great for those days or nights when you are just too tired to do those three steps in your routine or just don't have the time.

After I've left me mask on for about 15-20 minutes and wash (or peel ) it off, then I apply the So Totally Clean deep pore cleanser acne treatment. I since I use very little of this, it's going to last a long time. I just put a tiny bit on a cotton swab and apply to blemishes 2-3 times a day. I know sometimes skin will react to acne treatment differently, but in my personal experience, I had no burning or dryness. You could use this in spots that you are prone to acne, but I don't think I would use this as an all over face cleanser. This is the type of product that is best used as needed. Mainly because many acne treatments do have a tendency to dry out the skin. Just because I didn't have that issues, doesn't mean someone else won't experience that. So if you do decide to apply it to larger areas, be sure to have a good moisturizer like Seriously Shine-Free moisturizer or Face The Day tinted moisturizer with aloe.

I always finish my routine with the P.M. Perfecter overnight hydrating cream, usually around my nose, and between my eye brows (where I experience dryness the most). This is my favorite of all the products because the scent is surprisingly relaxing and fresh.

After about two days of using these products, my skin was significantly clearer, brighter, and I just looked younger, refreshed, and like I actually got enough sleep. I'm amazed. I have had less breakouts (not that I had too many before since I rarely get them, but they are practically non existent now). My skin is softer and smoother as well and the best part about them is that the smell great! I'm so use to skin care products that smell unappealing and I just can't will myself to use them as regularly as I should because of it. These products are actually FUN to use!

You can find Formula 10.0.6 on Amazon, at your Ulta store, and

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