#NSNation Journey: Week 9 Results

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Week 9 has been a pretty uneventful week in my journey. My clothes are fitting more loosely and I have been feeling so much better both physically and mentally since starting this journey. Of course, there are still going to be haters, and yes I have one or two, but when you realize that your hard work is paying off and you love who you are your confidence will be much louder than your hater's chatter. 

I love food. I mean, I really love food. I love to cook it and I really love to eat it. Tacos, burgers, pizza, you name it and I have a hard time not diving right in. I haven't cut all of that out of my diet completely, I just prepare my foods with healthier options and eat smaller portions. Eating healthier along with an active lifestyle not only gives you more energy, but you just feel better overall. 

Even though I only have three more weeks on this first leg of my journey, that doesn't mean I am going to stop. I have become addicted to feeling better! 

Start weight: 140 lbs
Week 9 weigh in: 128 lbs
Goal weight: 120-115

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Disclosure: I am getting three months of Nutrisystem for free and have been asked to share my weight loss journey with my readers & on social networking platforms. All opinions will be that of my own and all results will be that of my own weight loss and inches lost. 


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