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What's more fun than art and games? How about a team effort game where you make your own unique art? Tag: The Art Game is exactly that. In this fun and creative art game, friends and/or family work together to make a unique art piece and at the end (you get to choose when that is!), everyone is a winner. What's great about this game is how adaptable it is. You could even play by yourself if you wanted. 

The main set comes with paper, oil pastels, scissors, paint brush, glitter, string, and various other art supplies, which you can certainly add to if you wanted! Add crayons, markers, stickers, buttons...anything you can think of! It also comes with 5 sets of cards and a color wheel used in conjunction with the provided dice. 

Each player chooses a location card (which tells you where on the paper to fill in with your artwork), an action card (which tells you which action pile to choose from, and three action decks (Draw, Collage, and Paint), which will show you exactly what you do in that space like draw circles, collage triangles, paint squiggles, and so forth. Roll the dice to get a number and find that number on the color wheel to see which color you need to use on your turn. Prior to the game you will have spun the color wheel and you will use those colors through out the entire game. Since the color wheel has more colors than provided, you'll have to occasionally mix colors. There is a card in the deck that simply says "Finished?" to which you can decide if you want to stop and keep your picture the way it is, or keep going. The end of the game is entirely up to you.

Another way to play the game is to give everyone their own paper and each turn, everyone passes their artwork to the player to their right making multiple unique pictures, but still remaining a group effort.

The game is geared towards ages 7 and up, however, my three year old plays it with us, we just eliminate the really messy things like glitter and paint and one of us helps him with the scissors and glue. 

This game is wonderful for families, but I also think this would be amazing to play in a classroom. I also believe you could make your own action cards to add to the decks that are already provided. 

Order Tag: The Art Game at www.tagtheartgame.com

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