#NSNation Journey: Week 7 Results

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Week 7 is done and to be honest, there's not a whole lot to report this week. I did manage to lose another pound despite being ridiculously (to me) bloated this week and thinking that I had actually gained weight. 

I've had a hard time keeping with up my water intake lately. For whatever reason, I just have not been thirsty at all. As a matter of fact, a lot of times, when I try to drink 8 ounces of water just to get it in, I feel sick to my stomach and get a headache. Almost like I'm getting too much water, but I think maybe it's just because my body is dehydrated and is trying to adjust to me getting back into drinking the recommended amount of water. It's really hard to get water in when you are not thirsty at all during the day. In order to try and remember to drink more water, I downloaded a cute little app called Plant Nanny (Apple/Android). 

Plant Nanny keeps me hydrated in a fun way. Every time you drink water, you also give your plant water to help it grow. You can change the size of the cup. For instance, I have mine set to 8 ounces so every time I drink a half of a bottle of water, I also give my plant that much. It will adjust how much water you still need to drink based on your weight and the size of the cup you are using. You can also get different plants, pots, and backgrounds as well. If you forget to give yourself and your plant a drink after about two or three hours, you will get a notification reminding you to water your plant (and drink some water yourself). Believe it or not, this has helped me remember to get my water in each day. I drink 8 ounces every hour or two and I look forward to watching my plant grow when I water it. The notification is really helpful for when I get busy and forget to drink. Yes, I do forget to drink through the day. No, I have no idea how that's possible, but I do. 
At any rate, I'm glad I found this app!

I've not really tried anything new as far as foods go, but I have been finding new ways to spruce them up a bit. For instance, I combined my dinner and snack one night by mixing my Parmesan herb crisps with my Sante Fe style chicken and it turned into a fancy taco salad of sorts(with my usually nightly salad as a side). Thinking about it, I imagine those crisps would go great with the Chili dinner as well! 

I'm happy to see the number on the scale going down and that I'm only about 7 pounds away from my first goal weight of 120lbs. I'm still trying to tighten the skin in the areas where I've lost weight, but obviously that isn't going to happen overnight. So I have been pretty diligent on using the Palmer's Skin Firming lotion. I have an elliptical coming this week that I'm looking forward to adding to my routine as well!  

Start weight: 140 lbs
Week 7 weigh in: 127 lbs
Goal weight: 120-115

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Disclosure: I am getting three months of Nutrisystem for free and have been asked to share my weight loss journey with my readers & on social networking platforms. All opinions will be that of my own and all results will be that of my own weight loss and inches lost. 


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