#NSNation Journey: Week 5 Results

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Week 5 of my Nutrisystem journey is done and I'm at the halfway mark. Only 6 more weeks to go after this week and so far, in the last 6 weeks I have managed to lose 10 pounds with 10-15 to go to reach my goal weight. 

Admittedly, I've found myself getting pretty hungry lately. Hungrier than I was when I first started the journey. I've been following along the program, although not 100%. Some days instead of a Nutrisystem entree, I'll cook up a low calorie lunch or dinner. I mean, that's what Nutrisystem and a healthier lifestyle is about, right? It seems a good idea to transition into making my own meals instead of relying on Nutrisystem 100% of the time. I find myself looking at calorie content far more often that I use to, and I've cut out a lot of unnecessary sugars and sodium. My family has had fast food a lot while I have been on this program and at first, I was really craving a cheeseburger and fries. Amazingly, I have no desire to eat that stuff anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still miss a large pepperoni stuffed crust pizza and I can't even tell you how much I miss tacos, but I feel so much healthier! I've found that I'm not as tired through out certain periods of the day. Obviously since I'm a mom of two, I still tend to get tired just from running around the house, picking up toys, and scrubbing everything down. Did I mention I'm also ridiculously obsessed with cleaning? Before, I would get so tired and completely exhausted by 8:30 am, a mere hour after getting my kids up and ready for the day. Fighting to get both of your kids dressed, the oldest to drink her medicine, and get out the door as the school van is pulling in takes a lot out of you, especially when your breakfast is a slice of pizza or cookie! Nutrisystem breakfasts actually fill me up and give me much needed energy in the mornings. It's great to feel like I still have the energy I did when I was in my early 20's! 

Here's a dose of honesty for you:
I cheated on Valentine's Day.  On my diet that is. I could have ordered the grilled chicken salad for dinner, but instead I had chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and gusto fries with bbq sauce. Holy man was it good! However, I thoroughly regretted it afterwards. I didn't overeat, as a matter of fact, I couldn't eat it all and gave the rest to my husband, but almost an hour later, I wasn't feeling well. My body was so use to eating properly that it couldn't handle one very rare cheat day. It was like a huge slap in the face saying "Wake up! You can't eat like this anymore and still feel good physically!" 

I've been trying to keep up with workouts as well, but I do go a few days without a workout. This is mostly due to being overwhelmed with the urge to spring clean. I guess in a way, since I'm scrubbing walls and carpets, that I'm still getting a workout in, but it's not my normal workout. 

I don't seem to be losing any inches, which is odd to me, but at least I'm seeing a reduction on the scale. My weight has tended to fluctuate 1-3 pounds through the week (okay so I can't keep myself off the scale everyday, I'm obsessed), but that's normal. 

Week 5 results are below. No loss, but hey! No gain either so I count that as a win and I still have over a month to get to my goal weight, which is only 10 pounds away. I lost almost 10 pounds just in the first week, so it doesn't seem to unreasonable that I could get there in the time I have left. Looking at my past weeks photos side by side, I can really see a difference, even if it's very slight for the last two weeks. 

Start weight: 140 lbs
Week 5 weigh in: 130 lbs
Goal weight: 120-115

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Disclosure: I am getting three months of Nutrisystem for free and have been asked to share my weight loss journey with my readers & on social networking platforms. All opinions will be that of my own and all results will be that of my own weight loss and inches lost. 


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