#NSNation Journey: Week 4 Results and NuMi App

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Week 4 of Nutrisystem down and I have to say, I'm feeling pretty good! My body has become use to eating smaller portions and it's use to not eating starchy and overly sweet foods. As a matter of fact, even the smell of some foods just aren't appealing to me anymore, like cheeseburgers and chocolate cookies. The Nutrisystem NuMi app has been wonderful at helping me along this journey. It keeps track of my calorie intake and how many calories I've burned through activity. You can also keep track of your water intake, weight, and measurements as well. 

NuMi lets you scan Nutrisystem bar codes from the meals making it easier to add your meals. You can keep track of veggies, power fuels, smart carbs, and flex meals if you are on the flex meal program. 

When you log your weight loss, after every 10 pounds lost, the NuMi app along with Nutrisystem will congratulate you with milestone bears. I received 10 pound bear a little early because I hit 8 pounds lost in my first week.

Workouts honestly come easier now. When I get cravings for things at night, instead of snacking, I drink a 16 oz bottle of water and get a workout in. Usually by the time the workout is done and the bottle of water is gone I no longer have the cravings. 
Food wise, I've been trying some new things this month. A few have not been as good as I hoped, but I have came across foods this month that were so good, that I cannot wait to order more next month! I've also started getting a little more creative with my meals. For instance, I started taking my chili and making taco salads with it. The grilled chicken sandwich is also a new favorite as well as the sausage, peppers, and onions. 

I'm really loving Nutrisystem and I'm also really loving the results! Speaking of which, I know you're dying to find out what this weeks weigh-in results are. Well, I'm so excited to say that I've reached 10 pounds lost in 4 weeks. After losing 8 pounds the first week, it seemed like the next three weeks were pretty slow, but I've looked back at my weekly weigh in photos and I can really tell the difference.

One month and 10 pounds down! 

Start weight: 140 lbs
Week 4 weigh in: 130 lbs
Goal weight: 120-115

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Disclosure: I am getting three months of Nutrisystem for free and have been asked to share my weight loss journey with my readers & on social networking platforms. All opinions will be that of my own and all results will be that of my own weight loss and inches lost. 


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