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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nicholas Sparks "The Choice" Release Party! #ad

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This week, we celebrated the release of the newest Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie, The Choice, by having a Nicholas Sparks party. 

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate both by decorating the house for Valentine's Day and watching another Nicholas Sparks favorite, The Notebook. Afterwards, we discussed The Choice and our thoughts on the movie, which comes out this weekend. Just in time for a Valentine's Day date! Nicholas Sparks books always seem to draw you in, making you feel like you are there with the characters, experiencing every emotion; every high and every low. The movies based on his books bring your imagination to life and features characters you can really relate to in every way.

You have to love a movie that speaks to the heart. I'm a big Nicholas Sparks fan and his movies are always tear jerkers, so believe it or not, I'm excited to see heartfelt storyline that I know is going to resonate with anyone who's ever been or thought that had been in love. Life pushes us in many directions and love spins us around making it hard to decide where we really want or need to go in life. I believe in the end, love is always worth the dizziness and unknown. 

This highly anticipated movie is based on the hit novel by Nicholas Sparks and follows the life of medical student Gabby Hollan (Teresa Palmer) as she becomes the neighbor of ladies-man, Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) in a small North Carolina town. The two go on a journey through friendship and romance that neither had expected, especially Travis, who never imagined himself settling down. However, their well-planned out lives are soon upended as both face the ultimate question, How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?

How many of us can relate to this? How many of us have had to make hard choices between life and love?

The girls and I thought that the relationship between Gabby and Travis seemed to be going pretty strong and that nothing could really break them, they did fall in love pretty quickly with a bit of ups and downs when they first met, but there's a turn at the end where Travis is faced with a hard choice that is literally life or death for the one he loves. It brought up a good question. If the one you love were hurt and you had to decide whether or not to take them off of life support, would or could you do it? We all agreed that we couldn't possibly imagine being in that position and having to make that choice. It's in these moments, that we really felt for Travis and the fate of his relationship with Gabby. All of us ladies are pretty excited to see the movie, and we can't wait to have another ladies day when we all go see it together in the theater. 

Let Your Heart Decide. The Choice – See it in theaters everywhere, February 5th, 2016. 

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This post was sponsored by Lionsgate as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

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