Would I Be Happier if I Quit?

I love being a blogger and reviewer! The opportunities I'm presented with are amazing and in the last few years I have worked incredibly hard at what I do and building my success story. While there's always room for it to grow into something bigger, I'm amazed at how far I've come and how hard I've worked to get here. I'm proud of myself. But I would be lying if I said that I didn't sometimes think about giving it all up and going into hiding.

The more successful you get in life, the bigger the haters are and this has never been more true in my case. For the most part, my fans are awesome! I love each and every one of you! However, there's always that one person that makes you want to give up. 

I've been open about being the victim of a stalker. A vicious woman who makes multiple profiles to stalk my personal profile as well as my Facebook page for this blog. She's harassed and bullied me for quite a long time now and it's all over something she thinks I did, but in reality wasn't me at all. I won't get into the entire situation. I believe I've posted about it before. My point is, while I ignore it for the most part, and let her continue to play the victim, when it starts to effect my blog, something I've worked my ass off to build, then I start to get sick to my stomach. 

This person has made profiles and posted to my fan page claiming untrue things to try and drive fans away. She's stalked companies and reps that I have worked with. She's even tagged and hashtagged my blog in vicious posts about me to try and bring down the empire I've built. 

Let me tell you something. She claims I'm a different person in real life than you all see on this blog and on Facebook. That couldn't be further from the truth. I'm 100% genuine. What you see is what you get. I do not hide any part of myself. I can't, to be honest. I'm outspoken and real. That's what makes me a great blogger and reviewer. In this business, you can't sugar coat things and pretend. You have to be real. Ironically, this person doesn't even know me in real life to begin with. 

All that aside, can you believe recently, when I found out she became a blogger as well, with a blog called Trendy But True, I had considered reaching out to her to offer my help in her new venture? Why? Because that's the kind of person I am. I will help anyone no matter how terrible they are to me. I have helped a great number of new bloggers get established and start their new path at no price what-so-ever. I help others out without expecting things in return. My blog has helped me donate to families in need and I enjoy helping others in whatever capacity I can. Still, because of the ruthlessness of this person, I have considered shutting it all down and giving up. Years of work, hours upon hours of design, and sleepless nights devoted to perfecting my content and layouts. Just throwing it away. I actually did escape Facebook for a while and let someone else take over the blog's facebook page, however, that didn't stop the attacks and this person found my new personal profile I made to keep in contact with family. She found it within in 3 days of me making it as a matter of fact even without my real name on it. That's some super stalking! 

How can you continue when you have someone attacking you daily? 

My anxiety has reached an all time high now that I am officially a Nutrisystem blogger. By posting my weight loss and before photos, I feel I am setting myself up for more bullying and harassment from my stalker. 

Blogging is one of my passions, and giving it up would be letting the hater win, but man is it hard staying afloat sometimes. 


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