Chemical Free Lice Treatment with V-Comb by Innovent Inc

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Head lice is a parent's worst nightmare and chances are, if you have a school aged child, you are going to be dealing with it at one point or another. Lice has long been thought to only happen to "dirty" children, but the truth is, it can happen to anyone, and it's said that lice actually prefer cleaner hair because it's easier for them to grip and move around. So virtually anyone can get it. It's not even exclusive to children, either, but they tend to get it more often as they are often in close contacts with others and share things like hair brushes and hats. 

Head lice is anything but fun to get rid of. Our daughter had it 6 times between November and beginning of January and it seemed like there was nothing we could do about it. The school was really no help, as they no longer do school wide checks and surprisingly, they don't even send any info home with the children to let the parents know that a child in their school, whom their child could have come into close contact with, has been found to have lice. No names are needed, but it would be nice as a parent to know when to be extra diligent about checking for it. Most parents don't even think to check for lice until someone alerts them that their child may have come into contact with it. We must have spent $200 on lice treatment. We used many treatment shampoos and sprays, and even shampoos and conditioners made to be used daily that claims to deter lice from your child's hair to begin with. Every time we would send our daughter to school, completely clear of lice, within a day or two she would come back home with it. After contacting the school many times and finding out that other students were reported to have it, but they were telling the parents that there were no reported cases, we were beyond frustrated. Obviously the school is doing nothing to stop the outbreak so our only option was to keep spending hundreds of dollars on smelly, unsafe chemical treatments, right? 


I've discovered the V-Comb by Innovent Inc and I swear to you, it's a life saver! The V-comb is an electric lice comb with built in disposable capture filter. It detects lice and eggs, vacuums them out of your child's hair into the capture filter, where you can see them clearly thanks to the LED illuminated filter unit. Once you are all done combing through your child's hair, you can remove the filter, place the filter lid on it, and then toss it in the garbage. 

I know from experience that the combs you get with the treatment kits are terrible at getting the lice and eggs out. They stick down in the prongs of the comb and sometimes you can't get them out. Once you get them out and onto a paper towel, you run the risk of them running away and you have to bag them to dispose of them. Seriously, I had better luck just using my finger nails to get the lice and eggs out most of the time. 

The V-Comb takes care of all those problems. No more lice and eggs stuck in the prongs, no more runaway lice, and no more frustrating clean-up. There are also two adjustable combing angles which gets the job done faster and more efficient than a regular comb. 

When you are all done using the comb and have tossed the filter, you can clean the comb with the brush provided and some hot water, making sure to only get the comb part wet and not the bottom of the unit as it will ruin it. Continue to comb through hair for at least 10-14 days to make sure all eggs and live lice have been eliminated. Of course, you can still use a treatment and it's encouraged if you have an outbreak, but the Innovent Inc V-Comb will save you a ton of time and money by making sure you don't miss anything and keeps the ones you do find, contained. 

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