Book Review: Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

This is your typical enemies-to-lovers type book, and I've read many. Some were so dull and typical that I couldn't pick it back up and others, like Until the Dawn, were so good that I couldn't put it down!

The story surrounds a mansion on a hill with a mysterious past and tragic stories passed on through generations. Some of which are just that, "tall tales", but when the only living ancestor of the original family that owned the home shows up to find the home has been used as some type of tourist attraction and way to bring in money from it's stories, the owner is infuriated. 

Quentin Vandermark starts off as a character you really loath and want to slap for his hard hardheadedness and stubborn manner, but as with all enemies-to-lovers books, he really grows on you as well as the main female character, which in this book is Sophie; a sweet mannered lady that brings food for those who work at the mansion. Sophie seems to be the only person who can connect with Quentin's young son and get him to open up about his troubles. Through this, Quentin and Sophie grow closer, however, secrets of the mansions past comes back to haunt them.

The story really sucked me in and you eventually start to root for Quentin and Sophie. Quentin goes from being a cynical, faithless, loner to a sweet, open faith, gentleman.

The descriptions of the food Sophie makes is so good, that you can almost smell and taste it. Same goes for the very descriptive scenery of the mansion. The author does a wonderful job of setting the scene and sucking you into the story from beginning to end.

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