Children's Good Behavior Incentives With Nora & Leo: The Good Fairies

Kids aren't going to behave themselves 100% of the time and finding a system that makes them stay on good behavior can be tricky and frustrating. I'm a mom of two. One 9 year old who was diagnosed with Autism when she was 2 and a 3 year old little boy. We've tried so many things to get our children to listen to us and do as they are asked/told, but nothing wad really working. I am so thankful I got to see what The Good Fairies system was all about. 

Nora and Leo, The Good Behavior Fairies, use beautiful plastic gems as an incentive to get your child to be more likely to complete tasks that they may struggle with, such as no tantrums in the store, going to sleep when it's bedtime, and doing chores without a fight.

The package arrives in this colorful box with an inventory list and is very cute! The best part about the box being this nice, is that it makes a great gift!

Tucked inside the box is your choice of a Nora the Princess Fairy or Leo The Pirate Fairy, a silver drawstring bag of 20 multi-colored gems, a colorful tin treasure chest, parent quick start guide, The Good Fairies story book for you and your child to read, and a gem counting chart (located on the back of the book).

How does the system work?

Choose a few things your child struggles with. For example, my daughter struggles with getting ready for school in the morning, which includes taking her medicine, doing her homework at night, and going to bed when it's bedtime. These are three situations which always cause fighting and screaming in our house. Whatever your target is, I would start off with 3 things to work on so you are not overwhelming the child. Once you've seen a significant change in  your child's behavior with these tasks, you can always add more tasks that they can complete to be rewarded.

Each time your child completes a task that has been asked or expected of them, they receive a gem to put in their treasure box. Once your child gets 20 gems, you can then reward them with something special. It can be anything from a special treat (candy or ice cream), a trip to some place fun, or even getting to choose the movie on family movie night or what they want for dinner one night of the week. The reward is completely up to you and your family. However, your child can also lose a gem if they misbehave! 

We have been incorporating this rewards system into our daily routine for about a week now, and it's working so well, I don't know how I didn't think of something like this sooner!

All we have to do is remind our daughter that she is in a situation where she can either earn or lose a gem, and the change in behavior is outstanding. We haven't had to fight with her to go to bed and go to sleep at night. No fighting to get ready and take meds in the morning, and she doesn't scream about doing her homework. We've tried other things as well. For instance, today I asked if she wanted to earn a gem. Of course she did, and I told her she could earn a gem by picking up the toys in the living room and putting them in the toybox. Absolutely NO struggle and she was excited to put a new gem in her treasure chest. She loves counting them to see how close she is to her "surprise" and we love that it's made things so much easier on all of us. 

If you would like a Nora or Leo (or both!) for your little pirate or princess, checkout the Kickstarter at: Nora & Leo, The Simple Solution to Positive Parenting Kids

There are pledge options that get you special gem colors EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter as well as options to get your Nora or Leo in time for Christmas! 

There is absolutely no reason this campaign shouldn't be backed because everything in the kit is fun and amazing quality and the system really is a sanity saver!  

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