Book Review: She's Almost a Teenager: Essential Conversations to Have Now

She's Almost a Teenager is a pretty good book for parent's of tween daughters. It covers all kinds of topics such as boys, school, friends, faith, money, and the changes your daughter will go through both emotionally and physically. 

Teenage years are hard, both for the child and the parent and sometimes it's hard to know how to approach certain topics with your child especially if they are embarrassing topics.

To be honest, I'm not religious, and I didn't really expect the book to focus so much on religion in every topic. It wasn't too in your face, but it was definitely there. If you get past that part of the book, there are some great tips on approaching subjects and talking with your tween.

Ultimately, what you are looking to achieve here is to strengthen or form a bond with your daughter and make her feel comfortable enough to come to you and talk about things. 

This book is written more for the parents and not so much for the tween, so it's best to read through it and then start a dialog instead of reading through it and then handing it off to your tween to read. It does help to get the dialog started, though, so I do recommend it if you are looking for a good starting point. Remember to incorporate your own family values and such to fit your family's needs.

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