Book Review: Q&A A Day For Creatives!

I discovered the original Q&A A DAY: 365 questions, 5 year journal a couple of years ago and loved the idea of keeping a journal this way. Each day had a new question to answer and you answer these questions every year for 5 years. Well, now they have a Q&A book for creative people! 

This one is only for 4 years, but instead of just answering questions in text form, you are prompted to DRAW your answer! How much fun is that?!

Each page has 4 boxes where you draw your answer and in the lower left corner is a place to put the year. At the side of the page you'll see that there is the month, date, and a question for that day. Some of these take a lot of thinking and others were easy for me to answer. You don't have to be a great artist to enjoy this book. Heck, most days I just can't get my ideas transfered onto paper and my drawings look terrible and other days they turn out great.

I was thinking how fun it would be to ignore the date at the side and have artists at the conventions we go to fill in the boxes for each of the questions. It would be a fun and unique way to collect signatures and commissioned drawings from your favorite artists, or friends and family!

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