Steel City Con August 2015

Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA is held three times a year and is labeled as one of the biggest pop culture conventions. There is an entire room dedicated to pop culture merchandise where you can buy comics, collectibles, toys, and games spanning many decades. Although there are more collectibles at these shows than there are comics, it's a great place to pick up a few rare finds.

The back room of the convention center is dedicated to the artists and pop culture icons. 

Steel City Con continues to grow fairly large with bigger named stars with each event. During the spring event, we actually got to meet Noah Wyle, which was a treat for me, as I absolutely ADORE the show ER as well as The Librarians series and the now canceled Falling Skies. 

You weren't allowed to get a photo at the table with him because they preferred you purchased professional photo opp tickets, but he was kind enough to stop between signatures and meetings to wave and smile at those in line trying to get photos. 

He was an absolute doll (and so handsome!) and while he was waiting to sign my ER box set, had complimented me on the outfit I was wearing. He seemed pretty impressed to see I was having him sign the complete box set and told me that he actually just purchased one for himself a few months prior. 

That was back in April. 

In August, we made another trip to Monroeville for their summer convention and were just as star struck. 

My husband was excited to meet Joey Lauren Adams, who is best known for Chasing Amy, Mallrats,  Bio-Dome and many other films.

She's just as gorgeous in person and I can honestly say she is one of the sweetest people ever. She was genuinely excited to see her fans and even got out from behind her table to meet you.

Here's my husband, happy as can be with the beautiful Joey Lauren Adams. You would not believe the amount of people who didn't "get" my husband's shirt....

If you remember in a previous Steel City Con post, I had written about how ecstatic I was to run into local celebrity, Pittsburgh Dad's, Curt Wootton. One thing about these conventions, is that you never know who you are going to run into. Elijah Wood was sighted at Pittsburgh's tattoo convention and while we were at Wizard World Philadelphia last summer, the Backstreet Boys showed up!

This year however, Curt had been a guest celebrity!

Here I am cheesin with Pittsburgh Dad (look at that handsome mug...sorry ladies, he's married to a wonderful lady) wearing my Damsel in This Dress Calvery Archer Corset, which he had asked if I was some character from The Legend of Zelda. No curt, I'm just eccentric. 

A few days before the convention, they sprung a surprise on all of us. They had added Son's of Anarchy's Ryan Hurst to Steel City Con as a last minute guest. This sent me into a big ball of excitement. Ryan had attended another Pittsburgh convention about two weeks prior and we were unable to make it. This time, I was going to make it a priority. 

How can you  not want to meet this handsome mug? 

So, despite being a huge fan of both Son's of Anarchy and Remember the Titans, we had nothing for him to sign. We do, however, collect Pop Vinyl figures, so my husband rushed to the store to purchase an Opie Pop for me to have signed. 

Here's stud muffin Ryan signing my Opie Pop. 

He's very sweet and a little soft spoken. he seemed a bit shy despite his fame and following which I thought was adorable. He's also a lot taller than I thought he would be, but since he was the last celebrity I was in line to meet for the day, I can say that I left the convention a happy camper. 


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