Momma's Little Helper Day Planners + GIVEAWAY!

When you're a mom, being busy and booked solid is all part of the territory. As I get older, it gets harder to remember dates and times. Before I know it, that event I have coming up has snuck right up on me and I'm rushing to get things done because I forgot all about it. I'm pretty obsessed with keeping organized in other aspects of my life (organized home, organized blog, even my computer files are neatly organized), so it makes sense for me to organize my appointments and events. 

Momma's Little Helper Day Planners were just recently launched by Images of Grace Publications in order to help a busy mom keep her life a little more organized.

All mom's schedules are different. Some may be full of sports or music or dance practices, but mine is usually full of nerdy stuff.

We got to many conventions through out the year, plus our family has many cookouts, parties, reunions, photoshoots, and birthday parties. Both of my kids have their regular doctors appointments and my daughter has regular appointments with a psychiatrist and we have IEP meetings a number of times a year. Then you factor in all the trips we take to places to feature on my blog and the trips we go on just for fun, plus my regular blog work, It's pretty easy for me to get overwhelmed with scheduling.

With these planners I can keep track of all of that, plus keep track of when I have packages scheduled to be delivered (to make sure I'm home when they arrive), when I have posts scheduled to go live on the blog, and even what days bills are due and when they are paid.

There's a handy pocket in the back where I can keep receipts and business cards.

There's a lot of other extras that make this planner a mom's best friend.

I love the place for addresses in the front as well as the place for important community phone numbers like handymen, restaurants, salons, babysitters, mechanics, and various others. There's also a place for family medical information, important dates, and meal plans for picky eaters.

There's lots of great information as well like pet safety, a chart of how long leftovers are good for, safety guide for packed lunches, and what to keep in your fridge and what to leave out.

On every page you'll find a handy little tip that may make a mom's life a little easier.

Each month has a full calender as well as an activity planner and weekly planner.

There's also a to-do list and place for notes in the back.

These are so great and it's really a life/time saver for the busy, disorganized mom.

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