PuzzleLore: The Extinct Series

PuzzleLore puzzles are beautiful educational puzzles that combine learning and fun. Their Extinct Series features three extinct animals,  Dodo, Mammoth, and Quagga, beautifully illustrated with one animal on each puzzle. Included with your puzzle, is a great information card that tells you a little bit about each animal such as the time period they lived in, where they were found, and facts about them. 

The puzzle pieces themselves are thicker than your average jigsaw puzzle and because of this, will last through many, many uses. 

Each puzzle features vibrant colors and are beautiful enough to frame and hang on the wall.

All creative work for "The Extinct Series" is completed. The art for the puzzle, the box, and the info cards are all 100% ready to head off to the manufacturer. So now of course we've turned our complete attention to running this campaign. But after it ends, and after "The Extinct Series" begins production, we'll be able to turn our attention once more, this time to our next round of puzzles - "Fables, Myths, & Lore"! So you can expect to see a beautiful new trio of puzzles featuring the world's most beloved dark, exciting, creepy, cute, whimsical, enchanting, and of course wildly-fun creatures of legend! And as always, the next series will be accompanied by informative and educational info cards which'll give a great look into the many fascinating cultures from which the fables, myths, and lore sprung! But more on that later. For now, back to "The Extinct Series"!

Visit the PuzzleLore campaign on Kickstarter!


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