NumbSkin Topical Anesthetic Cream 10.56% Lidocaine

As a tattoo enthusiast and the wife a tattoo artist, I've heard about numbing creams for quite some time. Many swear by them when they go to get tattoos. I had a chance to try out the cream (and get a new tattoo. Win/win).

First you start off by applying NumbSkin cream to the desired area and follow by covering (I covered it with plastic wrap). Allow the cream to sit on desired area for a half hour (that's how long I left it on, but it starts to work pretty quickly) and then remove covering and clean area off. The skin should be fairly numb at this point. They o recommend that for more intense sessions, to leave it on for more like a full hour, but it's at your discretion. Only you know how much pain or discomfort you can handle.

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain usually, but I've been wanting a tattoo on my rib area and have heard from everyone who has one that it's the most painful place. Even my friend who is fully tattooed, including his head, feet, and knees, said the ribs were the worst.

I'll be saving the rib tattoo for later now that I know how the cream works. For the sake of the review (I love when the "sake of the review" requires something fun), I went with an enchanted rose tattoo on my right forearm.

Luckily, this cream lasted just long enough to get what I wanted and it lasts about 4 hours. Obviously, you can still feel the needle, but it's going to be a lot less painful than normal. It actually ends up being more of a slight irritation than your typical pain and believe me, it's a huge improvement in the overall experience of getting inked.

The great thing about this numbing cream is that it doesn't have to be used just for tattoos. You can apply this before getting shots,  getting a piercing, going for a wax, or even minor surgery.

One thing to mention, you will want to make sure the cap is on the tube tight every time. Since this has lidocaine in it, if the cap isn't placed on tightly, it may lose effectiveness.

This is perfectly safe to use at any age and you don't need a prescription for it.

It doesn't change the quality of the of the tattoo and so far, there has been no problems with healing.
I absolutely love this stuff, and we will be keeping this product stocked for my husband's clients.

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