Marvel Collector Corps Box

Introducing the only subscription box that caters to Marvel fans. Marvel Collectors Corps box ships bimonthly for $25 per month and provides Marvel fans with a box full of exclusive items and because they are partnered with Funko, there's a vinyl figure in every box! 

This is a little late, but here's April's box, which also happened to be the very first box! As you can see, the theme for the first box was Avengers: Age of Ultron and if you haven't saw the movie yet, please do. It's incredible! Since we subscribed before the first box, we had the opportunity to purchase a "Founders Subscription". What's so special about the Founders Subscription? Instead of being charged month to month, we paid for a full year and in doing so, they will reward all Founder Subscribers with a cool Oscar looking statue of a Marvel character every year on the Founder Anniversary. Totally awesome!

As a huge Captain America fan, not only was I excited to see the outside of the box, but I was super stoked to see that the first founders statue might be Cap as well.

The cool thing about this box, is that I guess it could be collectible as well. The entire inside of the box is printed with comic clips! As my husband and I discovered, it's a nice sturdy box as well so if you are like us and are running out of room for comic books, it makes a great storage box for your Avengers comics! 

As soon as we opened the box these two items were attached to the top portion. A collectors pin with old school Cap and a patch with Ultron, both exclusive to this box. 

There was also a really nice Avengers and Guardians cross over comic in the box. As far as I know each box will come with a comic, because it wouldn't be a Marvel box if it didn't.

I also believe there is to be a shirt in each box as well, and in this one, there were one of four tees that you could have gotten. They all were gray and had an Avenger vs. Ultron. Of course, we didn't get the Captain America one, but this Thor one is really nice as well! My husband is lucky I can't wear his shirts, or I would have stolen this from him because I love it. 

Marvel Collectors Corps founding box also included a NEW blind box figure called Dorbz. Initially we were confused as to which box we got. There are pictures of other Marvel figures on the back of the box, and at first we had assumed that we were going to get any one of the Avengers, however, the exclusive here was that all of the boxes had an Ultron Dorbz in it. Ultron is apparently exclusive to the Collectors Corps box, so if you do find the Avengers boxes out there, you will never find an Ultron in any of them from my understanding.

Although I usually love the blind box characters, I'm not excited about the Dorbz. I just don't like the look of them. I might swallow my dislike for them if someone finds me Rocket and Ronin from the Guardians set, but otherwise, I don't think I'll be adding these to my figure collection any time soon.

The highly coveted exclusive item in this box (at least for me), was the Hulkbuster Pop Vinyl. If you've kept up with my nerdy posts, I am a huge Pop collector. My collection, although modest compared to die hard collectors, is valued close to $1,000. This Pop, since it's exclusive to this box and cannot be found elsewhere (unless a site purchased a ton of collectors boxes for resale), is valued at $45. The Pop alone is almost DOUBLE the price of the entire box. Each box is going to be like this. So for me, I think it's a great value when you consider the actual value of the items in the box. 

For a little more info on each item, and to see my husband's opinion of the box, watch our unboxing video below!

They are getting ready to release June's box and the theme for that one is Ant-Man, so you do not want to miss out on it!

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