Lash Factory Fiber Lash Mascara

A week or so ago, I finally got to try out this fiber lash mascara stuff everyone raves about. My next mission is to find out if they are all the same or if some really are better than others. This week, I'm testing 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from Lash Factory. 

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It comes in a case exactly like the other one did. The only difference is the logo of the company obviously. As with them all, you get the gel mascara and the lash "mascara". I do want to mention, that I noticed a strong paint like smell when I opened the gel mascara. I didn't remember a smell with the other one so I opened it to compare and it does have an oder to it comparable to a permanent marker, it just wasn't as noticeable. I'm going to go ahead and assume they all smell like this.

The fiber wand is exactly the same as the other brand and once again, I'm pretty sure they all are. However, the gel mascara has a wand that is thinner in the middle and almost forms a figure 8 type shape. This is new. The other brand I tested just had a straight wand. This is where there's going to be a big difference in how the gel is applied. I've used many types of mascara in general and have found that wands with a certain shape, tend to coat lashes and either make them appear longer or thicker a lot better than wands that have bristles in a more uniform, straight shape. 

Application instructions are exactly the same. Start with one coat of your regular mascara (you really don't need to, but it helps), follow with one coat of the gel mascara, apply the fibers to the very tips of the lashes, and finish with a second coat of the gel mascara. You may continue layering the gel and the fibers until you get the desired length. In the photo above I only used one coat, but there is a length difference from just using mascara. I got some clumps on the ends a bit as you can see. I just went through my lashes with a lash brush or you could even use an old, clean mascara wand. If you curl your lashes, they will appear even longer. I didn't for the sake of the review. I wanted to show just the mascara, but I usually curl my lashes in addition to using the fiber lashes. 

So far, out of the two I've tested, I do like Lash Factory better and that's because of the unique gel mascara wand. I feel like it coated my lashes better. 

The verdict? I love it! I'm definitely a fan of the fiber lashes.

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