Book Nerd Review: The World Before Us by Aislinn Hunter

The World Before us by Aislinn Hunter is a novel about a girl named Jane who is haunted by her past. A past that involves the disappearance of a little girl (Lily) whom is never found. As an adult working in a museum, she eventually meets up with the father of the missing girl who doesn't even remember her. Jane discovers the records of a woman who went missing 10 years before in the exact same woods Lily disappeared from. 

To be honest, I tried pretty hard to like this book. The story really seemed like it was going to be interesting and really captivating. The writing style was nice, but I still found the book boring and felt that it dragged on and repeated events too often to keep my interest. It seemed like there was a bit too much detail. "Too much detail in a book?", you say? Yes. It's very possible for there to be too much detail in a book. I feel like the story was really lost in the fog of all the details. The entire narration of the book is done by a group of spirits who became quite annoying as the book went on. 

I am sorry to say that this book completely lost me halfway into it. 

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