Book Review: This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo

This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? is written by Patrick Di Justo and gives you a little insight into what goes in some of your favorite foods, drinks, and over the counter medicines. He even touches on what goes in your pets food.

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Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a food label and wondered what certain ingredients were or what exactly their purpose is in that particular food? Patrick Di Justo breaks it all down for you. Everything from Hot Pockets, to Spam and Coconut Water are in this book. He even breaks down what is in those fireplace logs you buy and other household items. For instance, most people assume that the "liver" in pet food is chicken or beef, when it can actually be anything from pigeon to horse liver. Di Justo consults many companies for information on their ingredients and gives a backstory for many on how helpful (or not in most instances) the companies were. For the first entry about A.1. Steak Sauce, he even consults chef Alton Brown (MY FAVORITE CHEF!) for his take on what purpose the ingredients listed serve in the finished product. 

I Can't believe it's not butter!
Well then what IS is?!

Find out the answer to this and more in this interesting read!
Pick it up where ever books are sold or by clicking the link below!

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