Steel City Con: Winter 2014 AKA That Time I Met Mac Miller & Didn't Ask for a Picture

We go to a lot of conventions, but one convention we usually never miss is Steel City Con which is held two or three times a year in Monroeville. It's a bit different than your usual comic book convention and although comics can be found, it's mostly for toys and collectibles. It's like walking through your childhood one row at a time.  

They always have a lineup of  "retro" celebrities. In the past there have been people like Le Var Burton, George Takei, Kevin Sorbo, and Ernie Hudson just to name a few. The winter lineup had one of my favorite people (Tom Savini) and as a horror lover I knew I had to see Linda Blair as well. 
There was even an A Christmas Story reunion!

When we got to the convention center, we do as we usually do and walk the vendor area which seems to grow bigger every single year. We were probably in the center for maybe 3 minutes tops when we walk by a comic vendor and I caught a glimpse of someone very familiar to me and a lot of other Pennsylvanians. Pittsburgh Dad! For those who don't know, Pittsburgh Dad is a Youtube personality played by Pittburgh native, Curt Wootton, and inspired by his own father. The online sitcom captures funny phrases, nostalgia, and frustrations of growing up with a blue collar, "everyman" father with a ton of Pittsburgh references and slang.  

You can see one of my favorite Pittsburgh Dad episodes below:

I highly suggest you check out more Pittsburgh Dad >> HERE

Anyways, it wasn't until I heard him talk that I was more positive about it being him. I didn't get a photo though because I'm shy and since he's from the area, it phases absolutely no one else when he's seen in public. I didn't want to look like a total moron, but that didn't stop me from fangirling and basically looking like one anyways!  

So we made our way through the first half of the vendor area located in the front room of the convention center and decided to hit the back room, which was reserved for celebs and artists, before rounding out the second half of the vendor area. Guess where I basically RAN to?

Tom Savini!

I don't know how many times I have ran into or narrowly missed this man while we have been in Pittsburgh. The first of which was at another Steel City Con. I had been waiting by the entrance while my husband ran out to put something in our vehicle and I was people watching when I saw a familiar face walk through the doors. I was having one heck of a time placing where I had seen him before until he ran right into me. Literally. That was when one of the people working security had radioed that Tom Savini was there. I almost wet myself. My husband came in to my jaw on the floor and I had to tell him what happened. We ran into him again later that day and my husband said hi to him and shook his hand while I stood there looking like a always.

This time, though, I was determined to at least say something to him and was really wanting to get a photo. 

Well, guess what?


We got a few blu rays signed and asked for a photo with him. My husband asked me if I was enjoying my Christmas present and I looked at Tom and said, "You're my Christmas present apparently!" He kind of just chuckled at that. he was a really sweet guy and I'm hoping that I can make this a regular thing where I get a photo every time I run into him. 

While we were in the Celeb area we headed a few tables over to none other than Regan herself.

Her pricing was ridiculous. Although, truthfully not as bad as Philadelphia Comic Con and Monster Mania prices, but holy smokes! I understand that proceeds go to her foundation, but she also had a donation jar there too so I'm pretty skeptical on the proceeds because why would you need a donation jar if that were the case? 

So obviously, we weren't going to be getting photos WITH her because they weren't free with the signature like Tom's was. 

I snapped some while standing in line though...

To be honest, I had heard some bad things about her, but I wanted to be the judge of that. I had heard horrible things about Tom Savini as well and I can tell you that my experience does not reflect the stories I've heard. Linda Blair though... Sadly, our experience was just as bad as others said it would be.

I don't know if she just has resting bitch face, or what, but she just LOOKED like she didn't give a crap about being there. Then we got up to her and she signed our blu ray and didn't even look at us. Not once. She was too busy chatting with the people that were there with her to acknowledge us. As a matter of fact, she didn't even talk to us at all. Didn't even say hi. Once she signed I said the sweetest, nicest thank you and she ignored me. That experience was not worth the $35 I paid for the signature I got. It's a good thing I talked my husband out of asking for her to sign with the oh so popular and filthy quote that I can't write here. I'm sure if he asked for it, the experience would have been even worse. 

Of course, as we walked by Henry Winkler's table on the way out, I had to make the comment that I wondered if he was handing out AARP and reverse mortgage apps with his signatures. 

I thought that was going to be it for me other than shopping the rest of the day. That is until we were back in the vendor area and I walked by a guy that made me turn to my husband and jokingly say "I just walked by Mac Miller!" 

We both laughed at that because I was sure it was just some guy who looked like him. After all, Mac Miller was probably off across the country doing music stuff. 

That's why, when I walked by him again later and saw other's asking for photos, I took a really good look at him and realized that it WAS Mac Miller. So of course, I went ballistic and started freaking out. I love Mac Miller and he's also a Pittsburgh native. I remember when MTV played a non stop block of Mac Miller one day. Enough to make his quirky music grow on me. Then I came to find out that he was a 19 year old rapper from Pittsburgh and suddenly he was even cooler to me just because of that.

He was hanging out at the CW Network booth, but once again, I was too shy to ask for a photo with him. I'm pretty bummed about that mostly because I feel I really missed out by not asking. 

I went to the convention intending on meeting two celebrities and walked out with two bonus celebrities. That's the thing with conventions. Sometimes you end up running into more celebrities that are there just to enjoy the con. Philadelphia is huge for that. The Backstreet Boys were actually there while we were. So it's kind of like a two for one when you go to these things! 

I've never had such a good time at a convention before. I've had great times, don't get me wrong, but this one, because of the bonus and unexpected meetings, is probably my favorite. 

I'm really looking forward to April's Steel City Con because Noah Wyle is going to be there and I'm stoked because I loved him in The Librarian and ER!

So in conclusion, I want to say that even if you aren't into comics, I think everyone should go to a convention at least once. You never know who you are going to run into!  

And with that, I leave you with a little Mac Miller!


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