Lite Brix Review

My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with Lego and Mega Blocks. For the year and a half, she's obtained an ever growing collection of Lego Friends and Barbie Mega Blocks. It's getting to the point where she almost have every set they have out even thought the continue to come out with new sets all the time. So naturally, when I stumbled across Lite Brix by Crazy Art I was excited about having something new that she didn't already have to add to the Christmas gift list. 

My daughter ended up getting one of the Lite Brix Liteup Mansions for her birthday and she was ecstatic about it! It came in the mail and was waiting at the door when she got home from school and she immediately took it up to her room to start putting it together. 

The directions have step by step photos that are really easy for her to figure out and put together on her own. That being said, I loved Lego's as an adult and heck, I still do. As does all of her uncles and her dad. So usually when she gets these sets, she's always asking us to help her and I think it's a great way for us to spend time together as well. 

We worked on putting it together and are both pleased with the way it turned out. 

It's absolutely adorable! 

There's a switch on the back of the battery pack (and a couple cords to connect the upstairs and downstairs to light it up through out) to turn the set on or off. 

She loves to play with it in her room in the dark. Another really cool thing is that it doesn't just light up one color. It actually flashes and filters through a few different colors. 
I tried to capture that as best as I could for you in the video below. 

These sets are so awesome! I think they will be a great addition to her growing collection of blocks. Even better is that they have a variety of sets to interest both boys and girls.

My personal favorite is the Zombie Manor, which would be really awesome as a Halloween decoration!
You can purchase Lite Brix At Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us, and Target.


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