Braun No Touch Thermometer Review

I had the great opportunity to try out the Braun No Touch Thermometer thanks to Klout and Braun. 
I was stoked to get this in the mail because I have heard nothing but great things about this particular thermometer. 

It's a lightweight, easy to hold thermometer that fits comfortably in your hand and makes taking your child's temp not only easier, but accurately every single time. The thermometer even has a simple illustration on it that shows you the most accurate places to aim the yellow light at to get the temperature. 

It has a simple to read lighted display on one side and a yellow light on the other that helps you see where to aim. No need to wake your child up to take their temperature. Just aim it at the center of their forehead, press the blue temp button and it reads your child's temp within seconds. The color on the display will indicate if your child's temp is normal or something to be alarmed about. Unlike with other thermometers, you are guaranteed to get the same readout no matter if you hold it an inch from their forehead or touch it directly to the skin.

There are three simple buttons. The power button, temp button, and the sound switch which can be switched to silent as not to wake your sleeping little one. 

This is so much easier to use and more accurate than the kind that go in the ears or under the arms and we all know how close to impossible it is to get an accurate temp anywhere on a sick child.

This is definitely a Mom Next Door favorite gadget and a must have!


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