Book Love Reviews: Sleepy Hollow: Children Of The Revolution

Sleepy Hollow: Children Of The Revolution by Keith R. A. Decandido is a suspenseful add on to the popular Fox television show that revolves around Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant (or Left-tenant as Crane calls her) Abigale Mills and their search for answers to the weird happenings surrounding their town of Sleep Hollow. 

In Children Of The Revolution, Crane and Mills, along with Abigale's sister Jenny and Captain Frank Irving, are investigating a series of break ins at local museums where night security have been brutally murdered and what's known as the Congressional Cross (Awarded to 10 men and passed onto ancestors) have been stolen. They soon discover that those responsible are a coven of witches with someone they least expect to be involved being the head of the coven.  This coven is dead set on bringing back one of their own with great consequences and leaving a trail of dead in their wake. 

As the gang rush to stop the forces that be before it's too late, they discover that you never really know what people you are close to can be capable of. 


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