Beauty Box 5: November Review

Beauty Box 5 is a cute little sampling subscription box with 5 monthly samples from your favorite brands. 
Each month you will discover a mix of makeup, nail care products, hair care products, skin care products, fragrance, body, and hair accessories tucked right inside your mailbox. Try the best products from top brands for a fraction of the cost!

This was my first box, and I actually kind of like it. I know a lot of people don't like the sampler boxes because they feel that for the price they should get full sized items. The price for this is adjusted properly in my opinion considering they are samples. I also like to try things before I buy them and this way, I can test out products for a lot cheaper before I make a commitment to purchasing, financially and otherwise. 

As with any sub box, it comes with a card that breaks down each item and gives a retail value for you to compare the price of the box to. The amount of all these items as full size would cost you over $36. 

This Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon in Bronze is fantastic! It glides on lids easily and adds a pop of color that really lasts. And here's a surprise! I didn't know this until after I took my photos for the review, but the bottom cap pulls out and is a sharpener! That's pretty handy! Obviously, this is one of the full sized products and I LOVE it! The retail on this is $4.49 and you can see all the fabulous colors HERE

The next full size product is HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil which retails for $2.99 for a 5/8 fl oz bottle. Okay, so this is pretty tiny for being a full size product and I'm not entirely sure I would pay almost $3 for something this small, however, it really is a great product. It smells wonderful and you really only need a tiny amount on the ends of your hair after conditioning. So despite the tiny bottle and it's price, I would say it's worth it because it should last you quite some time.  HASK has an impressive array of products and I will definitely be purchasing more from them. You can find their products to purchase at ULTA stores and online. 

I have gotten a wide variety of these DenTek Floss Picks over the years in various boxes. They are handy to keep in your purse of desk drawer and makes flossing a lot easier and a bit more fun to do. Let's face it, not too many of us actually floss like we are supposed to and those who say they do it regularly are probably lying, am I right? This is definitely a must have! You can purchase a 4 pack of these for $2.49 basically anywhere. DenTek even has Fun Flossers for children that come in bright neon colors, which I will admit, I have purchased for myself! 

I'm going to be honest, I could NOT find anything online for these. I know Laura Ashley is pretty popular and can be purchased at Bon Ton among other places, but there were no links anywhere (that I could find) to the 6 pack of these which runs $20. I can't even tell you what other scents these come in. That being said, I really like this Italian Lemon Body Butter. I have yet to figure out what makes a body butter different from a lotion other than consistency, but it moisturizes well, especially if applied directly after a shower. 

Of course most people are familiar with the Dove brand and this Deep Moisture Body Wash can be found just about anywhere for $6.49 for a 22oz bottle. I love Dove body washes. Not only do they smell great, but they leave my skin softer and smoother. Dove is a go to brand for me. 

I'm not much for beauty boxes because I often get brands, colors, and scents I'm not fond of which just get tossed in the "sampler box", but I'm enjoying this Beauty Box 5 and will probably be continuing them. 

Boxes start at $12/month with FREE SHIPPING! 

Discover Beauty Box 5 >> HERE!

*Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for my honest review*


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