The River by Beverly Lewis

The River by Beverly Lewis is a story of two former Amish women who both left the community. Tilly after a family tragedy and strained relationship with her father, and  Ruth whom left of a broken heart. Now, after years spent among the English and Tilly with a family of her own, they are driven to go back to the community for their parent's wedding anniversary and more so, their father is sick and may not live much longer. 

This story is full of secrets and acceptance of both past and present. 

While this is a "religious" book, I found as a person who isn't religious at all and can't stand when it's shoved down my throat, that it wasn't too awful to read. It focused more on the story of the sisters and their family than it did God and scripture. The title of the book isn't just a title. The river plays an important part in the story. 

Lewis is known for her writing style and focus on the Amish culture in her books. Although this was the first of her works that I have read, I can say that it was very well written and extremely captivating! 

I received this book as a promotion to read and review. All thoughts are my own and have not been influenced in any manner. 


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