Book Review: Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

Until Your Mine by Samantha Hayes is about a a woman named Claudia Morgan-Brown, who is a happy step mother of two small boys, wife to a man who is often gone away for work, and is currently pregnant with her first baby. Claudia works full time as a social worker and is dedicated to her job. So much so, that she decides to hire a nanny to help out. That's when she finds Zoe. Zoe is the perfect nanny, but soon Claudia starts to become suspicious of Zoe's reason's for being a nanny. There's just something about her she can't trust. 

To top it all off, there have been a series of attacks on pregnant women in Claudia's town which worries her and those around her. With her husband out of town for work and no family close by, she worries for herself and her baby.

This book was full of plot twists and an ending that I didn't see coming. The story is told in the point of view of three characters. Claudia, Zoe, and a female detective working on solving the case of all the brutal attacks on new mothers. The story puts you in the mind of a Lifetime movie and often times I could visualize it playing out as such. Soon you find that the characters are all connected in some way. It's suspenseful and near impossible to put down. This book has you pondering all the characters and trying to decide who's telling truths and who's hiding behind a mask of sorts. When you think you may have it all figured out, the plot thickens and twists in ways you couldn't imagine.  I don't really want to give much of the story away so I will just say that I highly recommend this book to those who are into Psychological Thrillers and enjoy stories with a real twist at the end. 

*Disclaimer*: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books, Samantha Hayes, and Crown Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  


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