The "Bzz" About Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop toys were first introduced in 1992 by Kenner Toys and they have come a long way in 22 years. When they were first brought out in stores, each tiny pet came with a "habitat" setting and had a particular action such as wings that flapped.

 Kenner Toys eventually merged with Hasbro and in 2003 Littles Pet Shop became a Hasbro trademark. This is one of the reasons the Pets underwent a change. 

Remember when they use to look like this?

How about that for memories, 90's kids?

With the birth of The Hub network and a new television series as well as toys to go along with it, a new generation of little girls are falling in love with The Littlest Pet Shop. Now the pets are bigger, brighter, and a lot cuter as well as more customizable!

We had the wonderful opportunity to try out a new set of toys from Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop line and I don't think my daughter has been this excited about something in a long time. 

Trust me, that's her excitement face.

This is the LPS Style Set and the set with the most pieces. The entire thing is completely customizable and comes with three pets. There is some assembly, who am I kidding?! This actually took me almost an hour to put together. The store front for example, doesn't come put together already, you have to add the trim to the outside of it and put the doors on as well as the sign, window frames and curtains. A lot of which, could have easily been put together at the factory and shipped out already done. The other thing I want to point out with these sets is that they each come with little "deco" pieces. Teeny Tiny peg like pieces that your child can use to customize little aspects of the shop (or their pet). for instance, you can add them to the walls or stick them in the plant box on the window, as you can see in the picture. They also come with stickers that your child can use to decorate the shop and accessories. So as I said, it's highly customizable. That was my daughters favorite part about putting it all together. 

This is what it looks like all put together.



The "floor" of the rooftop as well as the back wall of the shop are both reversible and show a different scene so there's just one more thing that makes this unique.

Next thing that we put together was the "Say Ahh to the Spa" set which also comes with a pet. Just like the Style Shop, this one is completely customizable and has a reversible wall as well. There aren't as many pieces to this one but it still wasn't easy to put together.  

I love that there is a face mask with cucumber slices that fits the dog's face. 

The awesome thing about these sets is that they easily stack onto one another to make a larger set!

They also sent us a Pet Pawsabilities pack. I should note that all of the littlest pet shop pets (except for the mini pets such as the turtle in this pack) are all bobble head pets! Your child can also interchange them. For example, you can take the head off of the purple rabbit and put it on the body of the purple dog from the spa. Blythe (The girl from the series that you can also purchase) is customizable in this way as well. There are so many pets to collect and they are all so adorable. It's even sparked a need in me to collect these tiny critters. 

Look at that crying panda! Too cute!

They were awesome enough to send us a BOGO coupon for more Pet Pawsabilities packs as well as three "Save $10 on one LPS Style Set" coupons to share with friends! 

She has played with them non stop for days. Her favorite thing, I think, are the pets themselves. She calls them her "friends" and she sets them up beside her bed each night. That right there is a child who loves their toys! I think it's safe to say that the Littlest Pet Shop sets are a huge hit in our house! 

**DISCLAIMER: I received these products free to test from #Bzzagent and #Hasbro


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