Goodreads giveaway winnings!

Goodreads is a site for book lovers. There are so many great features. It keeps track of all the books you have read or would like to read, you can find new books you may have otherwise never heard of, read reviews, and they have giveaways too! I could honestly go on and on about the site, but that's not whay I'm here right now. I'm here to talk about my Advanced Reader's Copy of Second Grave on the Left (with Audio Cd) by Darynda Jones that I won from Goodreads. 

I received an advanced readers copy of the book and it was around the time I was getting ready to move. I couldn't wait to get moved and unpacked so I could read this. The first book was so great and left me wanting more by the end. I almost felt jipped by the ending of the book because it just left you hanging. But that's what a great series does. 

Now, a little bit about the book...

Charley is a Private Investigator. But not just any private Investigator, she's a PI that can speak with the dead. She's a Reaper. Speaking with the dead has helped her solve many cases not just in her own business but with the work she does with the local authorities. Namely her Uncle Bob. Or Ubie as she often calls him. Unfortunately for her, being a reaper also comes with a few problems. Case in point, the demons trying to kill her. She's got one huge problem. And that's Reyes. The handsome, steamy hot son of the devil that she's in love with. She's got her hands full while trying to crack the disappearance of a friend of her secretary, friend and neighbor, Cookie, and all the while trying to figure out where Reyes is hiding before the demons out to get them both find him. Because if they do, nothing will ever be the same on Earth again.

My opinion of the book:

It's very well written. There are many elements of romance, action, humor, and suspense. I found myself realizing that I could easily imagine myself as Charley. We seem to have the same personality. She's a very strong female character. She's a "don't take no for an answer" woman. And I also found myself wishing I was in her position any time she came face to face with the gorgeous Reyes, who burned with flaming hot sex appeal. Which is a given since he's the son of the Dark Lord himself.


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