Would you like to be featured on my blog or in an upcoming gift guide? 

Your company will receive a promotional blog post as well as advertising on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Each of your company's social networking sites will be linked in the post as well to ensure optimal exposure for your brand.

Please see my media kit, located here, for a list of my social stats. Keep in mind, that my reach grows daily and stats may only reflect a percentage of the current reach at that time.

Sponsored Blog Posts:

Honest Review of Product, Company, or Service– FREE! Note that I do require full size product to be sent (or gift card to purchase item in store) and kept. In this case, I consider product as payment. I also can host a giveaway at no cost in addition to a review.
 Blog Post Written By Your Company – $100
Blog Post Written by Me + Social Media Promotion – $200
1 Month Sidebar Advertisement – $150
Giveaway with no product review - $35
Sponsored Social Posts: 
  • Instagram Photo: $25
  • Facebook Post: $25
  • Tweet: $35 (or 5 tweets for $125)
  • Pinterest: $25
  • YouTube Video: $150
  • Social media blast: $225 (includes 1 Instagram photo, 1 Facebook post, 3 tweets, 1 Pin)

If interested in working together, please contact me at mommanextdoor@gmail.com

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