Simply Nerdy Mom: Baby Magic: Not Just For Baby! (GIVEAWAY!)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Baby Magic: Not Just For Baby! (GIVEAWAY!)

If baby products are gentle enough for baby's delicate skin, why couldn't adults use it as well, right? Well here's the thing, I have been using baby products since long before I ever had kids, and you can, too!

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Around the age of 19, when I lived on my own, I actually started buying baby products for myself. I always just liked the smell. I've always been a huge fan of Baby Magic products, so when they contacted me about featuring some of their products here on Simply Nerdy Mom, of course I said yes!

Baby Magic has been around since the 1950's, and they have a huge variety of baby bath products. Some are old favorites of mine that I use myself and have used on my own children. Other's are new products that I have never used before, but look at this incredible package they sent me!

Most mom's already know that baby wipes are great for everything, especially removing makeup, but that's not the only baby product that us moms (and dads!) can use regularly. 

I've frequently used the Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath and Lotion to help destress at night. Both products have a calming lavender and chamomile scent to them that is very soothing and helps me relax after a long day.

Naturally, all the Baby Magic lotions smell great, but they absorb quickly and leave my skin incredibly soft. Their body wash and shampoo can be used to clean makeup brushes, or you can use them yourself in the bath or shower (I have)! And last but not least, the No-Rinse Wash is perfect for throwing in a beach bag or purse because you can use it for quick clean up in spots where you don't have access to water. At the moment, I just have it sitting on my bathroom sink as a hand soap for the kiddos when they are finished using the bathroom. They love that it foams up, so they don't fight me about washing their hands. It's a win/win!

I know for me personally, a lot of beauty products can be terrible for your skin. You can have bad reactions and some even make your skin much worse. I've gone through dozens of brands that work well for a while, but eventually I start to have problems with them. I have never had any issues when I use Baby Magic products. I mean, think about it, the formula in their products is made gentle for a baby's delicate skin; keeping it smooth, soft, and hydrated. This makes it perfect for anyone of any age! 

I love Baby Magic so much that I gifted my brother and his wife a shower caddy of Baby Magic products for my newborn nephew, but I made sure to let my sister-in-law know that she should definitely take some "me" time and relax with the products as well. 

In addition to sending me some great products for myself and my kiddos, Baby Magic wants to give my readers a prize pack of their very own!

Enter below and one winner will receive:
1 Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath
1 Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion
1 Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash
1 Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil
1 Baby Magic Gentle Body Lotion
1 Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash (Original Scent)
1 Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash (Soft Powder Scent)
1 Baby Magic Momma and Baby Duck Set

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  1. Baby oil in the shower is a great remedy for dry skin!

  2. I use baby wipes as makeup remover! Love it!


  3. My hack is to use them as a great way to moisturize your own skin.

  4. I like using Baby Magic products on myself because they are gentle on my skin. My favorite lotion is Baby Magic Gentle Body Lotion.

  5. I have always loved Baby Magic, the smell is fresh, clean, gentle and for lack of a better word, baby fresh and new. I never realized how important that gentle would become for me. At my relatively young age I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and my skin is so sensitive and dries out from the dehydration and medicine that my body endures now. This should be a go to beauty regime for all women and men too!

  6. I always use baby oil to remove makeup and baby soap to wash my face.

  7. I always use Baby products especially the wash and lotions. I have very sensitive skin and they are the only ones I can use without problems. My favorite has always been Baby Magic!

  8. I use my babies wet wipes to remove my makeup. They work great. I also use baby oil to remove eye makeup.

  9. I use baby oil on my eyelashes to moisturize and soften.

  10. I use baby oil after a shower to keep my skin moist and soft.

  11. Baby oil for multiple things especially on this scar I have, softens.

  12. We have a new baby coming to the family and this would be great. I also like the baby oil for after my bath.

  13. This looks amazing and super helpful!

  14. I use baby wipes for everything under the sun. I have never thought to use lotions or oils for myself though.

  15. I love to use baby oil in the shower and also if I want extra tlc for my hands or feet I will put baby oil or vaseline on them and put cotton gloves and socks on overnight to make them extra extra smooth and soft.

  16. I love the original baby magic and the nighttime bath is totally awesome and seems to be calming for both of us lol