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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fun (Easy) Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

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There are hundreds of ways to earn Amazon gift cards and I think I've pretty much tried them all at this point. Some work, some don't. Some take forever to earn cards, some are almost instant. I am constantly stock piling Amazon gift cards and with the holiday season coming up, they certainly come in handy and can save you a ton of money. I've been using mine to buy center pieces and decorations for my vow renewal as well as party decorations for my kiddos birthday. They also come in handy when I feel like dipping into my 300+ book wish list on Amazon. Yeah, I love books THAT much.

I've compiled a list below of my personal favorite ways to earn Amazon gift cards.

I just recently discovered Dealspotr and I already earned a $10 gift card the first day by being an influencer. It's amazing how easy it is. Dealspotr is a site where you find and post deals that can help you and others save money. Think of Groupon or RetailMeNot, but on a larger scale and completely sourced by it's 30,000 (and growing) members. 

You earn points a number of ways such as posting deals you find to online stores, spotting (curating) deals, flagging invalid deals, commenting helpful tips on deals, referring new members, and much more. The amount of points you earn will be based on a number of factors, for instance if you post a new deal for one of the online stores featured that day, you can earn +50% - +200% more points. Of course, the better the deal, the more points you get even if they aren't a featured store. 

Dealspotr also gives you a personalized feed, similar to your Facebook feed, so you can see deals that interest you without filtering through those you don't. Have a favorite dealspotr influencer? You can follow them!

I've been doing M+ Rewards for about two - three years now and have redeemed points for Amazon, Dominos, and even Game Stop gift cards. You can even redeem points for physical items like bluray players. 

M+ Rewards are points that you earn when you use and interact with certain apps. They can be anything from news apps to games and you get points for doing things you already do. For instance, although it's no longer a participating app, when I first started, The Weather Channel app let you earn points by simply logging in every day and just checking out radar and extended forecasts. Apps like Where's Waldo and Family Feud reward you points for basically having fun and playing a game. You can also earn a large amount of points pretty quickly by doing surveys in the mThoughts app as well as checking into places with the mPlaces app. I earn points pretty quickly and have cashed in a lot of gift cards from them. The best part is, once you sign up, the points you earn transfer to each app you use so you can just keep earning all day long and all the points in all the apps will combine on your profile. 

Crowdtap takes a little bit of time, but not only can you earn Amazon gift cards, you also can sample full size products as well (which in turn earns you more points towards gift cards).  To earn points on Crowdtap, you participate in discussions, polls, submit photos, and more about brands you love. You can apply for samplings as well. I've received razors and shaving cream, shampoo and conditioner, Always Pads, and a plethora of other things from them. I've also earned over $350 in gift cards. It's a great way to give your opinion on brands and earn gift cards for it. 

If you are a sports fan, you will love Louder Rewards. Louder is a series of sports team apps where you can earn points by reading articles and answering trivia questions about your favorite teams. I have the Louder Pittsburgh Steelers app on my phone for example, and not only can you earn gift cards, but you can redeem your points for awesome team swag like shirts, shoes, hats, home decor, and more! You can earn even more points by downloaded other apps through the Louder Rewards app. In addition to earning rewards, you can also win cool swag. 

Curently they have baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and football as well as college teams and if you are a fan of multiple teams, you can earn points in multiple apps. 

Find Louder Rewards in the App Store and Google Play

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