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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Forever Young Calming Coconut Facial Masks

I was excited to give these a try because I love facial masks, but really dislike the mess of the cream and gel ones. They had a little bit of a coconut scent, nothing over powering, but also nothing that noticeable, in my opinion. I really love the smell of coconut, so I had hoped for it to be a stronger smell. The package states to remove mask from packet, unfold, and place over clean, dry face and leave on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove and rub remaining facial mask stuff into the skin to moisturize your face. Naturally, you are going to look like something out of a horror movie for 15 minutes, but if a product works, it's worth it, right?

Newest Horror Villain: Coconut Mask Face

The masks were soaking wet and they dripped everywhere even after it was on my face. I have a smaller face so I did have a bit excess in areas, but I did my best to smooth it out and get every area. I had a ton of trouble getting the mask to stick to my nose area. No matter how much I tried, it just wouldn't stay put. Unfortunately, the nose area is the area I need moisturized the most, so that was a huge bummer. Once the 15 minutes were up, I removed the mask, but at that point, there was literally no liquid left to rub in. It had all dripped off and my face was practically dry. The box came with 5 packets so I thought I would try another one and see if I just got a bad one. Nope. Same problem with the next one. 

In the end, these did not work for me personally. I had many issues with them. This is just my personal experience with them and other's may have had a better experience, but my personal opinion is that they just did not work for me. 

I did receive these at no cost in order to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own, of course! 

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