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Friday, July 8, 2016

JapanFunBox: Monthly Japanese Snack Box

I had the opportunity to try out JapanfunBox, which is a monthly food box straight from Japan that sends you Japanese snacks each month. I have always loved trying new snacks from different countries. I am a little more open about trying new snacks and drinks than I am other foods, but I've found so many snacks from other countries (mostly Japan) that I have a great love for. Some things, like Pocky, can be found just about anywhere now, but other things I end up having to order online which can get a little expensive, but it's so worth it!

Japanfunbox comes in 3 sizes:
Mini (5-7 items) - $14.99/month
Original (15-20 items) - $32.99/month
Family (25-30 items) - $49.99/month

The two larger boxes guarantee you at least 1 DIY kit (like the Poppin' Fresh sets) as well as specialty items like drinks and toys.

I received the mini.

I'm always thankful to these snack subscription boxes from overseas that include a write up of the products you get with an explanation of what flavors they are. Since these come from Japan, and I can't read the labels, this is hugely helpful. Although, sometimes this becomes a little bit of a game. Got the braver folks, you can just start in on the goodies without reading about them first and try to figure out the flavors yourself. For the not so brave, you can read the flavors right off the bat and decide if you really want to try it or not, although, trying things you typically would not is definitely part of the fun!

I have to say, this was a pretty good box! 
Immediately upon opening I claimed the pizza chips and tomato Pretz because lately I can't get enough pizza. I've literally had pizza in some form every single day for the last week. On days I wasn't eating pizza something or other, I was eating other Italian foods. I mean, I'm Italian, so that's not surprising. 

Also included in the box was whistle candies in grape flavor (those round life saver looking things), the Japanese version of pop rocks, chocolate biscuits, and I'm not sure what to call the other item, but it's a taffy texture with a fizzy center. It legitimately fizzes in your mouth when you bite into it. It was a strange texture and a little weird on your tongue, but it tasted okay. My kids claimed the pop rock candy and whistle candy. 

My husband and I tried the pizza potato chips and I honestly was not impressed with them, which was disappointing, however, my husband did remind me that pizza in Japan is hugely different than pizza in the United States. I mean, it looked good on the bag at least! The Tomato flavored Pretz sticks were a huge hit! They are thin pretzel sticks, similar to Pocky to be honest, that have more of a pizza flavor to them than the chips did. There were two packages of those in the box and we went through them pretty quickly on family trip to ride ponies and go carts. I found these on Amazon where you can get 10 boxes, and while they are $33 for the 10 boxes, I'm going to stock up since we really enjoyed these. They even come in other flavors that I'd like to try.

The chocolate biscuits were another favorite of mine. They aren't chocolate covered completely. In fact, the biscuit is just on the back of the chocolate, but the chocolate was smooth and went well with the biscuit. They were delicious and I'm ashamed to say that I ate them in one sitting while catching up on some of my shows. 

The mini is worth it to try a few snacks every month and the family size is nice to give as a gift. Since you can cancel anytime, because it charges you month-month instead of yearly plans, you can get one box to try and cancel before the next month comes if you decide it's not for you. 

Check out photos of past boxes and learn more about Japanfunbox at

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