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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need To Know

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What is bullying?
Bullying is aggression carried out repeatedly by an individual (or group) who has more power than the individual who is being victimized and wants to demonstrate this power to the victimized person or to other people. The power arises within the relationship between the person bullying ad the person being bullied. But it also comes from peer bystanders, who are almost always present during bullying episodes. Bullying is a relationship that is characterized by disrespect.  -Bullying Prevention (Chapter 1)

Bullying Prevention is a must read for both parents as well as kids and teens. It's a short read at 51 pages, however, it's packed full of useful information. This book highlights the different types of bullying, where bullying is likely to happen, myths, facts, and solutions, bullying in preschool and beyond, resolving bullying, what to do if you are the parent of a bully, and much more. 

The book is laid out in a simple manner and I really liked the index that they provide on the bottom of each page so you can easily skip to certain sections in the book. Bullying has always been around and always will be, especially in the digital age where it's easier to anonymously bully someone. I've been a victim of bullying both in my school years and then again much later in life as an adult. I can honestly tell you that children who bully almost always grow to be adults who bully and this is why we need to learn how we can handle and prevent bullying in the early years. Especially with so many kids committing suicide due to being the victim of a vicious bully or group of bullies. 

This book was written specifically for parents, to give them the information they need, however, I think it's a vital tool in teaching for councilors, teachers, day care workers, coaches, and even the kids themselves. 

You can pick up a copy of Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need To Know on Amazon.

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