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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fun Yoga Games from ThinkFun!

ThinkFun is notorious for fun, educational games that are engaging and thought provoking. New for 2016, are ThinkFun Yoga Games for families. We are a yoga and fitness household. My kiddos watch me burn calories every day and even jump in and do yoga and workouts with me. My son absolutely loves doing yoga with me and I even catch him doing it by himself a lot. He even has his own mat! These games by Thinkfun were a huge hit in our house.

Memory Yoga plays exactly like classic memory. Take turns flipping over cards trying to find the match. For the older kids, when they find a match, they are to do the pose on the cards for 10 seconds in order to keep the cards. Younger ones can just play regular memory, however, my son is three and he can do most of these poses pretty good since he's watched and imitated me doing most of them. 
The cards are pretty thick, too and come in a handy pull out box to keep them in. 

Yoga Spinner is pretty similar to Memory Yoga in that your child needs to do the pose on the card they get for 10 seconds in order to keep the card. To play, you take the colored card that the spinner lands on when it's your turn. The red, blue, and green cards all have different poses. White cards are "team effort" cards where two players try to perform the pose together. The yellow spaces are special ones where you can lose a turn, have a player pick your card for you, and so on. All of the cards fit right in the spinner so everything is kept nicely together. 

There are enough cards to this game to easily get a half hour (or more!) of activity in. It's a great way to keep your kids active because it's also fun. If you are a homeschool parent, this would be great for "gym" class as well! 

We keep both of the games with our yoga equipment and my kiddos get them out and play whenever they want and I love that they enjoy doing yoga. Not only is it great for them physically, but I feel it's also wonderfully healthy for them mentally as well.  

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