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Friday, February 5, 2016

Fun and Addicting Mobile Games from Iversoft Games


Do you remember being engrossed in classic PC games like solitaire and minesweep? Well now you can take those games with you on your mobile devices! has a great selection of solitaire games as well as other classics for download on Apple and Android devices.  

Bear Blitz is available for Apple devices and is a super addicting match three game. I've only tried the single player mode so far, but there is an online battle mode so you can play against your friends and others all over the world as well. Play to earn coins and unlock a ton of achievements. There are little bear avatars which they call "beartars" that you can use as your profile photo for the game and they come in different outfits with more unlockable ones as you play the game and earn achievements. 

Spider Solitaire is one of the many games I would spend a ton of free time playing, both at school and at home. I love that I can now take it on the go and get a game or two in while I'm waiting at the doctors office or on car rides (I'm always the passenger since I don't drive). Spider Solitaire is available for both Apple and Android and is a fun way to pass some time. The game is still addicting and you can do things like change the appearance of the cards to fit your moods. 

Free Cell  is another addicting solitaire game I spent a lot of time playing. Available for both Android and Apple, it's also a popular classic game .

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