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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

YogaRat Yoga Gear

As part of my Nutrisystem jouney, and also my journey to a healthier me in general, I've started getting more workouts in. Previously, I had worked out maybe once a week if I had the time. I use to workout twice a day, 6 days a week, but in the last two years, I've gotten so busy I haven't had much time to so it. Excuses, I know, but now I'm getting back into routine and I love it.

A few things I have been using daily come from the company YogaRat. Not only is their fitness gear fun and colorful, but if you are serious about yoga or fitness in general, then they become necessities. 

I only do yoga about once a week, usually when I'm stressed out, but I do a pretty intense workout 5 days of the week where I'm on the floor a lot and just laying on a towel or the floor itself just isn't cutting it and tends to hut my back. Not only do these mats come in appealing colors and styles, but they are the perfect size and thickness. They have a nice cushion to them and makes it so my workouts, both on the floor and standing, aren't as rough on my lower back. It does have a new plastic or new rubber smell to it when you first get it. Just unwrap it and lay it out flat for a while to air it out and the smell goes away. It's really easy to clean and I love how it's completely non slip no matter how much you are sweating. There's absolutely nothing negative to say about this mat. It's perfect!

I don't really think your yoga accessories are complete without a yoga towel. A yoga towel is just as important as a mat, in my opinion. This particular towel is soft to the touch but very durable. It's also long enough for me to over my entire mat. One thing I've had a little bit of concern about is that if you do want to put it on you mat, it does eventually start to slide around because there's really no texture difference from side to side to keep it on the mat. So I do want to express that you be careful if you decide to do this. However, you could use it to wipe your mat off if it gets slippery from sweat. I personally just use it to dry myself off after a great workout. I use it more for my regular workouts than I do for yoga so that's a great example of the multi use of this towel. I've managed to still keep it soft even after washing and the material doesn't seem to wear out, which I feel is a huge deal since you are going to be washing it almost daily (At least, in my case, I do). I do love all the colors it comes in and I may buy a couple more so that I don't have to wash just the one as often.

This is my first time using a yoga block and strap. I use to just use a towel, box, or pillow of some sort (basically anything I had available at the time) for certain poses and support. You would be surprised by how much better it is to have these items as opposed to a substitute item. The block is a good size and a nice soft yet firm, comfortable foam. The strap is extra long and very durable. I love that it isn't going to absorb sweat and get all gross and it's easily washable with just some mild soap and a cloth. The strap helps me maintain stability while stretching, which I previously had a problem with. Since I'm pretty new to yoga (within the last year), my balance isn't perfect yet and I need things like this set to help stabilize me and help with certain poses. Of course, a seasoned yoga guru could use these as well! Definitely fun for the whole family as my three year old loves using it when he does yoga, too!

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